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The Forrester New WaveTM: Computer Vision Platform names Clarifai a visual recognition leader

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Endless possibilities with computer vision AI

Gather valuable business insights from images, data and text using machine learning, image recognition and computer vision. Use data to drive business operations and enhance the customer experience. From improving the digital experience to monitoring physical spaces, the practical possibilities of computer vision AI are endless.


Generate product and image metadata

Content moderation

Monitor user-generated content


Deliver deeper search results


Label documents based on content


Create secure experiences


Detect activity with full motion video


Prevent equipment faults and failures

Demographic analysis

Gain audience insights

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AI predictions for images, video and text

Uncover insights within your images. Process video 100x faster than a human could. Analyze and classify text in real-time.

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Custom and pre-trained AI models for any use case

Get started with advanced pre-trained models or develop your own custom models to power your searches.

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Easy-to-use, drag and drop UX for any skill level

Train, evaluate, optimize and deploy your AI models in the fastest AI workspace.

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Scaleable deployment for any size business

Deploy via Cloud API integration, secure On-Premise service or as embedded Edge SDKs.

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From data annotation services to custom model building our team of AI experts are here to help.

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"A pioneer in deep learning-based computer vision, Clarifai can tackle near-real-time visual search, facial recognition use cases, and deployment in the most secure, air-gapped environments that nearly all other vendors can’t match."

- The Forrester New WaveTM: Computer Vision Platforms, Q4 2019

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Built for developers from the ground up

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curl -X POST
'Authorization: Key YOUR_API_KEY'
"Content-Type: application/json"
"inputs": [
"data": {
"image": {
"url": ""
app.models.initModel({id: Clarifai.GENERAL_MODEL, version: "aa7f35c01e0642fda5cf400f543e7c40"})
.then(generalModel => {
return generalModel.predict("the-image-url");
.then(response => {
var concepts = response['outputs'][0]['data']['concepts']
from import ClarifaiApp
from import Image as ClImage
app = ClarifaiApp(api_key='your_api_key')
model = app.public_models.general_model
model.model_version = 'aa7f35c01e0642fda5cf400f543e7c40'
response = model.predict(Image(url=""))

ClarifaiImage *image = [[ClarifaiImage alloc] initWithURL:@""];
[_app getModelByName:@"general-v1.3" completion:^(ClarifaiModel *model, NSError *error) {
[model predictOnImages:@[image]
completion:^(NSArray<ClarifaiSearchResult *> *outputs, NSError *error) {
NSLog(@"outputs: %@", outputs);
ConceptModel model = client.getDefaultModels().generalModel();
ModelVersion modelVersion = model.getVersionByID("the-version").executeSync().get();

ClarifaiResponse<List<ClarifaiOutput<Prediction>>> response = client.predict(

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