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September 27, 2023

Introducing the Chatbot Module: Explore, Interact and chat with LLMs

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Introducing the New Chatbot Module_ Interact and chat with LLMs

What is the Chatbot Module?

In the constantly changing world of AI, it's important to find flexible and efficient solutions to stay ahead. Designed with these attributes in mind, the Chatbot Module is a versatile plugin that provides users with a platform to interact and chat with various Large Language Models. This module makes it simpler to build AI apps and improves the user experience by turning your apps into a chat platform with diverse LLM models to pick from.

Whether you're someone who loves AI and wants to try different Large Language Models or a business trying to use AI to make things smoother, this module will help you. It makes talking to LLM models easier and lets you use them in a way that fits your needs.

Build Beautiful AI Web Apps with Clarifai Modules

Clarifai's modules act as building blocks in creating front-end interfaces for your AI applications using Streamlit.

This Chatbot Module was developed by leveraging Langchain which is a framework designed to simplify the creation of applications using large language models and Streamlit which is an open-source framework to create web-apps.

When you integrate this system into specific task-focused UI modules, you gain the ability to expand your app's capabilities, allowing for more advanced functions. These modules are designed to accelerate your development process and enhance the efficiency of your AI solutions.

Here is a Step by Step Guide to Install the Chatbot Module into your own App

To get started, the initial step is to sign up for the Clarifai platform. You can do this by simply clicking on Sign up here.

Once you have completed the signup process, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the platform. We recommend exploring the Quick Start Guide here, which provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a new app and build your first custom model.

After creating your new app, navigate to "Manage Installed Modules" in the bottom left corner. Here, you can install the Chatbot module directly into your app by providing the Module-Chatbot URL in the Module URL field and by pressing enter.

You now have the option to choose a URL for installing the module and to make this module either public or private. After selecting the required settings, click the "Install to this App".


Select an LLM to chat with!

Next, you will see the chatbot module installed in your app and ready to use. Now you are all set to interact with the chatbot module. Get started by selecting an LLM of your choice to chat with.

Play around with different prompts.

With the response we get from various language models, we can evaluate the schema/type of our response and decide to factor our app based on that. This enables our prompts to test out around various use cases on different models.

You can try exploring its key functionalities by experimenting on your own by customizing such modules for different use cases.

A glimpse into how you can customize the chatbot module and play around with it.

This application llm-text-adventure, built with Clarifai and Langchain, brings this concept to life. By leveraging Langchain this system is integrated into the application to better meet user requirements, whether it's learning a new language or engaging in a fascinating adventure game.

The chatbot is distinctively designed, adhering to context-driven conversations by taking up corresponding roles. Consider an instance where the chatbot plays the role of an 'Italian Tutor.' In this role, it offers systematic guidance to users seeking to learn Italian.

Another exciting use case is when the chatbot functions as a 'Text Adventure'. Here, the chatbot becomes a partner in the text-based adventure game, helping to navigate the user through the storyline, tackling obstacles, and making strategic in-game decisions. This interactive feature not only enhances user engagement but also keeps the game's narrative exciting and unpredictable.

These features mark the power and potential of AI-themed chatbots regarding digital learning and interactive gaming. The application showcases how exploiting advanced functions like Clarifai and Langchain can create solutions that are not only entertaining but also educational. It exudes versatility and dynamism, offering enriching experiences to users and redefining conventional AI boundaries.

Try using the Chatbot module Source code to add and optimize the module according to your usecase. 

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