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    Built With Clarifai Computer Vision Computer Vision Model

    3 Unique Concepts We Trained Custom Models to Recognize

    The best thing about computer vision models is you can teach it to see almost anything, exactly the way you ...

    Built With Clarifai Featured Hack

    Clarifai Featured Hack: Measure your carbon footprint with Terrabeasts

    Here at Clarifai, we love innovative, impactful hacks. Over the years, developers have used our technology to ...

    Built With Clarifai Clarifai People Computer Vision EDGE SDK IoT SDK

    IoT, Computer Vision, Collaboration, Clarifai: The ClariCam Prototype

    Hack Days at Clarifai are all about innovation and teamwork. During our recent Hack Day in March, one project ...

    Events Developers Built With Clarifai Clarifai People

    A March of Innovation at Clarifai: Hack Day Highlights

    Clarifai employee hackathons have been a fundamental tradition since shortly after our company founding in ...

    Built With Clarifai Retail Interview Image Recognition Facial Recognition Face Detection

    Seeing is Receiving with Genie: Strategic Gifting Powered By Image Recognition

    Our last post about the DeveloperWeek SF hackathon left out one very important project, i.e. the Clarifai ...

    Events Developers Built With Clarifai

    Winning Computer Vision Projects at the DeveloperWeek SF Hackathon

    The largest challenge-driven hackathon in the U.S. commenced over the weekend of February 23rd - 24th in San ...

    Built With Clarifai Developer Tutorials Image Recognition Java Android

    Image Recognition on Android: Building An Alarm Clock That Sees

    There are two certainties these days: 1) machine learning is creating an ever more powerful set of tools to ...

    Developers Built With Clarifai Computer Vision

    How POPSUGAR Scaled Up to Support the #Twinning Image Recognition App

    If you spent any time on social media recently, you likely saw a certain celebrity lookalike app all over ...

    AI Developers Built With Clarifai

    100 Clarifai Computer Vision Hacks from Major League Hacking in 2018

    2018 was a fantastic year for hacking with computer vision! Over the course of the year, Clarifai partnered ...

    AI Built With Clarifai Computer Vision

    PopSugar Uses Facial Recognition to Find Your Celebrity Lookalike

    If you’re active on social media, you’ve likely seen (or even used) PopSugar’s Twinning app, which uses ...

    AI Developers Built With Clarifai

    Clarifai Featured Hack: Helping Small Businesses Say ‘hAI!’ to Their Customers

    Intuit’s SmallBizHack hackathon in Toronto this past weekend set teams racing to create an app that improves ...

    AI Built With Clarifai Computer Vision

    3 Ways AI Could Help Save Lives (& 2 Ways It Already Has)

    From changing the way we treat diseases to bringing specialist expertise to every corner of the world, fewer ...

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