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    AI Facial Recognition Face Detection Visual Search

    Everything you need to know about Custom Facial Recognition (CFR) 3.1

    Unlock the power of Custom Facial Recognition (CFR) with Clarifai's all new CFR 3.1.  CFR 3.1 delivers major ...

    Computer Vision Computer Vision Model Facial Recognition Facial Redaction

    Can Computer Vision make Your Video surveillance GDPR-Compliant?

    Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect last year, businesses worldwide are now ...

    Computer Vision Facial Recognition Face Detection Facial Redaction

    Facial Redaction: What it is and how you can use it

    Facial recognition may be the computer technique of the moment, but there’s another technique that may be ...

    Built With Clarifai Retail Interview Image Recognition Facial Recognition Face Detection

    Seeing is Receiving with Genie: Strategic Gifting Powered By Image Recognition

    Our last post about the DeveloperWeek SF hackathon left out one very important project, i.e. the Clarifai ...

    Artificial Intelligence Image Recognition Facial Recognition Face Detection

    How facial recognition and the right AI provider can improve your operations

    Facial recognition’s presence in our everyday lives has grown immensely over the last few years. From tagging ...

    AI Business Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence Data Analysis Visual Recognition Image Recognition Facial Recognition Face Detection

    4 Steps You Should Take Before Investing in AI

    With the advancements we’re now seeing in artificial intelligence (AI), it’s obvious why interest in the ...

    Built With Clarifai Visual Recognition Image Recognition Facial Recognition

    Who is your Celebrity Look-Alike? Find out with this Online AI Tool that Reveals your Famous Doppelganger

     Ever wondered who’s your celebrity doppelganger? Well, thanks to Clarifai’s Celebrity Model, our ...

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