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    product announcements Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning NLP

    Introducing NLP: AI for Text + Images

    Need to understand, moderate, or automate responses to lots of text? How about recognizing text in images and ...

    product announcements

    Computer Vision Search is At Your Fingertips! Try Out the New Clarifai Explorer

    Computer vision-powered search is enabling businesses across industries, from retail to security, to bring ...

    product announcements

    Introducing Clarifai Portal, Clarifai's New Unified UI

    Today, we’re thrilled to announce Clarifai Portal, the new unified user interface of the Clarifai platform. ...

    company news product announcements

    Announcing Our New Partnership with RichRelevance to Enhance Experience Personalization with Visual AI

    We're thrilled to announce today our new partnership with RichRelevance, the global leader in Experience ...

    product announcements moderation

    Introducing Clarifai’s First End-to-End Solution for Moderation

    Since inception, Clarifai has been helping our customers moderate their image and video content. In fact, ...

    product announcements

    Continually Improving Models for Smarter AI

    At Clarifai, one of our ongoing company values is to continuously improve AI. We believe that without ...

    company news product announcements

    Joining The PHP Parade With Our New API Client

    We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of our new official Clarifai PHP client. This has been ...

    product announcements

    Introducing New Android SDK - Join Our Private Beta Program

    Calling for Android application developers

    Announcements company news product announcements Developers Developer Tutorials

    Introducing Model Evaluation - Test and Improve the Accuracy of Custom Training Models

    Last December, we announced a new feature that would let Clarifai users build their own custom trained models ...

    Announcements company news product announcements

    What Food Is This? Food Recognition Technology Can Tell You!

    We’re excited to release our new Food Recognition model into the wild, so you can start building incredible ...

    Announcements company news product announcements

    See Sharper with Clarifai's New C# Client

    We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of our new official Clarifai C# client. This has been ...

    Announcements company news product announcements

    Goodbye Forevery. Hello Future.

    A message from Matt Zeiler, Clarifai Founder and CEO

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