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    AI UGC moderation Computer Vision

    5 Ways AI is Improving the Travel Industry

    Whether it’s for work or leisure, these days, people want a more personalized and streamlined experience when ...

    AI UGC moderation

    4 Ways AI is Improving Dating Apps

    Dating apps and websites have become the new standard when it comes to finding a date. But can artificial ...

    UGC Editorial

    What FOSTA SESTA Means for Product Leaders

    For the product leaders at online marketplaces and social platforms, the boogeyman has taken on a new form: ...


    4 Ways Product Teams are Utilizing User-Generated Content (UGC)

    User-generated content (or UGC) is no longer just something for your brand’s Instagram page. Today, more and ...

    UGC moderation

    Content Moderation & UGC 101: 3 Key Questions and Answers

    Artificial intelligence has seemingly limitless potential to change our world. From parking driverless cars ...

    UGC Case Study

    How StyleMePretty Uses Visual Recognition to Grow Their Business From Publication to Platform


    Developers UGC Developer Tutorials

    DIY With Clarifai: Building Your Own “Smart” User Generated Content Solution à la Yelp

    Artificial intelligence improves Yelp’s user experience and boosts engagement by automatically organizing and ...

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