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February 24, 2021

Clarifai Welcomes Lt. General Robert Paul Ashley, Jr.

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Clarifai welcomes Lt. General Ashley, Jr. to its Public Sector Advisory Council

Today, I’m excited to announce the addition of Lieutenant General Robert Paul Ashley, Jr. as a Senior Advisor and member of our Public Sector Advisory Council. As one of the nation’s most distinguished U.S. Army intelligence and security experts, Lt. General Ashley will help guide the direction of Clarifai’s public sector business unit. He will be involved in helping agencies reduce risk, scale their operations efficiently, and enhance their intelligence capabilities.
Prior to Clarifai, Lt. General Ashley served as the Director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency. Previously, he served as Army Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2 where he was the senior advisor to the Secretary of the Army and Army Chief of Staff for all aspects of intelligence, counterintelligence and security. Other notable assignments include the Director of Intelligence, Joint Special Operations Command; the Director of Intelligence, U.S. Central Command; the Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence, International Security Assistance Force and Director of Intelligence, U.S. Forces, Afghanistan; and Commanding General, the U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence.

Clarifai has long served the missions of the U.S. federal government with state-of-the-art computer vision and natural language processing AI solutions. It has long standing engagements with the Department of Defense,the Intelligence Community, and Civilian agencies. The company recently introduced a suite of new products based on patented technologies. Recent innovations include the Flare AI solution that brings AI to the edge for public sector agencies, Scribe, an AI-powered data labeling product, as well as a host of managed labeling services for preparing the highest quality machine learning models.

Artificial intelligence will be a source of immense strength for the countries that can harness it. The United States has already begun to realize the enormous potential that AI holds in revolutionizing national security. Since 2018, Clarifai has partnered with the U.S. Department of Defense to accelerate the use of state-of-the-art AI to advance its missions. In turn, Clarifai is committed to advancing AI by partnering with cutting edge organizations across the U.S. public sector, as well as with our allied nations. I could not be more excited to work with Lieutenant General Ashley in building the next generation of AI.

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