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9GAG uses AI technology to moderate their media network and keep 150 million users safe from unpleasant and inappropriate images and videos.

Media & Entertainment / Digital Publishing
Use Case
90% reduction in moderation hours
95% accuracy vs. human review

145 hours saved

per week


image detection accuracy

20k media

checked per day


9GAG is the global cross-­platform entertainment media network for Gen Z and millennials. Founded in 2008, 9GAG’s mission is to make the world happier. It is the 6th most-followed brand on Instagram worldwide and has a total audience of 150 million people. Being a top 300 website globally, is constantly being updated with thousands of new user-generated media on a daily basis.


Clarifai’s AI monitoring technology helps keep 9GAG users safe from unpleasant, inappropriate content and enables the team to spend more time supporting the growing community.


Co-Founder and VP of Product, Chris Chan, knew that moderation was a foundation of a successful community. Although most people shared interesting and funny posts on 9GAG, some would try to post spam, inappropriate or sexually explicit content. In order to protect users, the team would manually review every post that was uploaded to the platform.


However, the platform was experiencing exponential growth and the sheer volume of content to be reviewed was becoming unmanageable. There were four full-time team members dedicated to monitoring content on the platform, a task which Chris admits was ‘a routine and often unpleasant job’.

Chris and the team were keen to find a way to automate community moderation and thought that AI might provide them with a scalable, efficient solution that would support them as they continued to grow.


The 9GAG team searched Hacker News and asked their network to recommend AI solution providers. They created a shortlist and proceeded to compare and test the tools offered by these providers. During the testing phase, it became clear that Clarifai offered the best community moderation solution for 9GAG. Chris was particularly impressed by Clarifai’s ability to separate ‘explicit nudity’ from ‘suggestive nudity’, with a level of accuracy unmatched by Amazon and Google.

Thanks to the pre-built moderation model offered by Clarifai, it took one developer just four weeks to integrate AI to the 9GAG content moderation process (a feat which Chris says ‘is pretty impressive’). Now, Clarifai’s intelligent moderation model checks over 20,000 pieces of user-generated content on 9GAG for gore, drugs, explicit and suggestive nudity every day, at a level of 95% accuracy compared to human review.



Since implementing Clarifai’s intelligent monitoring system, 9GAG have reduced the hours spent moderating the platform for inappropriate content by over 90%. This has enabled the team to reinvest time in more impactful work, such as supporting the growing community.