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Architizer is a marketplace that connects architects with the building products they need. With over 1.5 million visits a month, Architizer is the world’s premier marketplace for finding, pricing, and specifying building products.

Use Case
Recommendation and Discovery

1.8 million

images stored on the Architizer platform


images added everything month

3 years

of testing every image recognition technology led Architizer to choose Clarifai


Architizer is an online platform that connects architects working on commercial-scale buildings with the manufacturers they need. Architizer’s platform has over 1.8 million images that users rely on to make purchasing decisions and get inspiration for their architecture projects. Every month notable architecture firms add over 30,000 new images of recently completed residential, commercial and institutional buildings.


With user-generated content playing a significant role in helping buyers connect with sellers on their platform, Architizer needed a solution that would provide a highly scalable system for exploring user-generated content and images to increase user engagement and boost conversions in their online marketplace.



In the Architizer ecosystem, buyers are typically architecture firms, and sellers are building materials manufacturers. Buyers, or architects, on the platform rely on user-generated content and images of architecture materials for purchasing decisions and design inspiration. Because architecture is such a visual and design-driven medium, surfacing content based on images is the best way to serve relevant recommendations to users.


To recommend relevant image-based content to its buyers, Architizer used Clarifai’s Custom Training and Visual Search products to detect patterns and visual similarities in a wide array of architecture-related photos and make content more discoverable on their platform.




Using Clarifai’s Custom Training product, Architizer was able to create a custom image recognition model to understand architecture-related features like “facade system,” “cantilever,” “Brutalist,” and “living wall.” These custom concepts allowed Architizer to personalize their image recognition solution and categorize their images in a way that was most relevant to their business, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all general computer vision model.


With Clarifai’s Visual Search product, Architizer built a genuinely relevant content recommendation experience around their custom computer vision model. Architizer was able to automatically understand 1.5 million user-uploaded images on their platform and use that information to surface visually similar content to users. This content helped connect architects with materials they felt inspired by or might want to buy.