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ButterCam is a popular mobile photo editing app in China, offering its users the ability to add texts and effects to their images.

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33 million

people use ButterCam everyday


of filter, text, and sticker combinations possible


The original idea for ButterCam was based on a still photo editing app, focused on adding text to photos. In the three years since ButterCam launch, the app now has 33 million users. Although the Photo & Video app space has grown significantly in China, ButterCam identified an opportunity to build a single-step picture processing technique, based on the content of the photo itself. ButterCam already had a large volume of text templates and photo filters, so they looked for ways to simplify the steps it takes users to turn an ordinary photo into something beautiful.


ButterCam chose Clarifai to build its single-step picture processing technique. Using Clarifai’s Organize & Curate solution to label photos, enabled on user devices by the Clarifai Mobile SDK, ButterCam can automatically make edit suggestions to users based on the image contents. With its vast catalog of text and filter templates, users no longer have to choose the best fit for their image: ButterCam does the work for them, adding the most appropriate filters, text, and stickers.



ButterCam’s implementation of Clarifai is still very early since they are a Limited Preview customer of the Clarifai Mobile SDK. However, ButterCam already sees some promising results among its significant, and rapidly growing user base. Automating the millions of filter, text and sticker combinations possible in the ButterCam app based on the contents of a photo is already showing more engaged and happier users.