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i-Nside is a worldwide leader in endoscopic technology. With a small device you can attach to any smartphone, i-Nside can take professional-grade medical images of the human ear and use them to diagnose problems.

Use Case
Recommendation and Discovery, Mobile SDK


images collected through i-Nside hardware, analyzed by Clarifai


detection accuracy


diagnosis accuracy


With large quantities of medical images on file, i-Nside wanted to build a diagnostic platform that would be able to assist doctors in identifying ear problems.


Getting started with computer vision and machine learning can be both challenging and expensive. As a small team, i-Nside needed a cost-effective and easy way to build very advanced artificial intelligence technology into its product without incurring technical debt.


The stakes are high when it comes to computer vision and something as life-changing as a medical diagnosis. i-Nside needed a solution that would not only provide accurate results for a very esoteric data set (pictures of the insides of ears) but would also be able to improve with more training.



Diagnosing ear problems is a very specialized field of expertise within medicine. General practitioners usually refer people with ear problems to Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialists. i-Nside wanted to build a diagnostic tool that would assist general practitioners and nurses to identify and treat ear problems accurately, thereby making the best medical care accessible to anyone in the world.


While Clarifai’s core model can recognize over 11,000 general concepts, ear diseases unsurprisingly are not among those core tags. i-Nside needed a special custom model built for the sole purpose of analyzing ear patterns.


Clarifai’s team of data scientists used their expertise to train a custom model on i-Nside’s batch of ear images. It only took a couple of weeks for the custom model to be fully trained to recognize ear problems with near perfect accuracy.



With over 100,000 ear images collected from their widely distributed endoscopic tool, i-Nside asked Clarifai to build a custom computer vision model especially for ear pictures and video. Now, Clarifai’s technology powers the software layer in i-Nside’s line of endoscopic hardware, enabling the tool to not only take pictures of the ear but also to analyze the results – all in one small, affordable, mobile package that anyone can use.