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AI helps Picturepark’s customers tag and find the right content

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Time saved on tagging and finding the right content

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Picturepark specializes in Content Management solutions for brands and agencies across the world. Their mission is to help organizations effectively connect, manage, and route content: from its points of creation to where it’s most needed.


Since Picturepark’s customers have vast digital libraries, customers would sometimes struggle to find the right content when they needed it, wasting valuable hours in futile searches. This would often stem from the way that the media was tagged: for example, one person might tag an image with ‘German Shepherd’, but another might simply tag it ‘Dog’.


Picturepark wanted to help their customers improve the ways they tag and categorize their media, in order to increase discoverability at the crucial moment of search.


While individuals see visual media through a bias of personal experience, culture, or language, computer vision AI sees visual media through collective experiences and machine learning. Picturepark was excited by the potential of harnessing this innovative technology and its ability to help their customers tag and find the right content at the right time.


By running tests with various AI providers, ‘including all the major players’, Picturepark found that Clarifai came out top; in both accuracy and the service provided by the company.

The performance of the free model led them to invest in Clarifai’s computer vision solution. Now, Picturepark’s customers have the ability to auto-tag their content with the help of Clarifai’s artificial intelligence technology. Clarifai suggests other relevant tags that users may have missed – improving the quality of tags and categories of digital assets.


As a result, customers using the Clarifai connector now spend less time tagging their visual media. Content is made more discoverable – thanks to accurate tags and categories – and staff can locate relevant content, fast.


By clearly identifying the contents of images and videos, Clarifai’s AI technology has also helped Picturepark’s customers avoid the use of inappropriate content in their projects. For example, a customer in the construction industry might want to ensure all their promotional materials contain their safety compliance, by including correct types of helmets in staff images. Clarifai’s highly specific tags can help them find the right image and exclude those that don’t include the desired equipment (avoiding any PR mishaps).