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Staples Europe is the leading provider of workplace products, services, and solutions to small, mid-sized, and large businesses in Europe. Staples Europe has operations across 17 countries in Europe and provides solutions across 29 European countries – each of which has its eCommerce website.

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Staples is an office supply retail chain with operations all over the globe. With a large part of Staples Europe’s business coming from its online e-commerce store, the company relies on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to surface relevant products to potential customers and stay ahead of the competition. However, with Staples Europe spanning countries that speak twelve different languages, attaching the right keyword metadata to products to improve SEO becomes twelve times as challenging (and expensive).


Staples needed a fast, accurate, and inexpensive solution to adapt its e-commerce business for multiple languages and improve SEO for its products in every target language.



E-commerce stores like Staples often rely on organic search traffic to its products to drive sales and revenue. There are many ways to improve organic search engine results, one of which is optimizing images for SEO. This includes writing descriptive keywords (ALT text) in the image tags, a practice that can be tricky to execute when you’re optimizing hundreds of images for multiple languages.


Staples used the Clarifai API’s multi-language feature, which recognizes over 11,000 different concepts in images in over twenty languages, to append the ALT tags of over 600 products to boost SEO – saving five figures worth in agency costs in the process.



With Clarifai’s image recognition technology, Staples was able to complete the work of an outside translation agency at a fraction of the time and cost with the same level of accuracy. Clarifai’s API doesn’t just translate English tags into other languages – each concept in the computer vision model is trained and mapped to their respective words in twenty different languages. Thus, tricky lingual concepts like “crane” (the bird) and “crane” (the machinery) or “fall” (the verb) and “fall” (the season) are always correct in Clarifai’s multi-language API.