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Style Me Pretty is a premier online destination for wedding inspiration, garnering over 25 million views a month.

Media & Entertainment / Digital Publishing
Use Case
Organize & Curate Content
10x images

10x images tagged

compared to human tagging


images tagged per week

4 hours

to integrate Clarifai technology


Style Me Pretty receives content from 600 weddings a week from professional photographers, wedding vendors, and brides with anywhere from 150 to 260 photos per wedding. Some of the images they receive have captions, but most outcome with no information, or with unreliable metadata attached. At such volumes, it’s nearly impossible to go manually through each image and categorize it appropriately.


Style Me Pretty, needed to organize and curate relevant photos to their users across all their marketing channels, not just their website.


When a user uploads an image to Style Me Pretty’s platform, Clarifai automatically applies relevant tags to the image. Not only does this save time and resources, it also allows Style Me Pretty to scale its content operations and improve its visual search solution.



In a week, Style Me Pretty receives around 600 weddings and 100,000 images from wedding vendors. Out of all the user submissions, they are able to publish about 50 weddings, or 10,000 images, with manual tagging. With Clarifai, Style Me Pretty is able to tag the full 100,000 uploads to build a bigger, better visual search solution in the weddings space. Automatic tagging is also a building block to increase editorial capacity.