Introducing New Android SDK — Join Our Private Beta Program

On-device machine learning puts AI in the palm of your hand, online or offline.


Android SDK in Private Beta

Apply to join our group of private beta testers and discover what you can build with our SDK.

Apple SDK in Public Preview

With the power of Clarifai’s Custom Training technology, the Apple SDK (supporting iOS only) allows devices to learn from and respond to their individual environment both online and offline, thus creating the ultimate personalized user experience. Clarifai’s technology enables a whole generation of new product categories, transforms interactions between businesses and customers, and improves workflows across all industries.

What can I do with the SDK?


Works online or offline

Whether you’re connected to the cloud or not, your on-device AI can learn new concepts and get more accurate with each use.

Low latency, zero lag

With machine learning directly on device images and videos can be processed instantaneously for a better, faster user experience.

Distributed knowledge platform

Connect to the internet to aggregate the learnings from multiple Mobile SDK-powered devices and make every device in your ecosystem smarter.

Enterprise support & solutions

Our solutions engineers and data strategists can help you achieve any business goal with our Mobile SDK. Contact us at


Automatically tag your images and video by content. Search and analyze your visual data without relying on additional text descriptions.

Similar Images

Sometimes words just don’t capture what you’re looking for. With Clarifai visual search, query with an image to discover others like it.


Rip through lengthy videos much faster than real-time and get more detailed time-series tags than any human could provide!

Custom Models

Looking for something in particular? Let’s work together to design a solution for your problem then access it from the API.