Recent Updates

We work every day to improve features of our platform and build more public models for developers to use. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

February 2019

  • Platform Clarifai Portal: A unified user interface of the Clarifai platform. The new UI is now available for all users -- from self-serve to enterprise and can be found here. Check out our blog post for more details on all of the new features.

October 2018

  • Solutions Moderation Solution: Provides you with the machine learning models, tools, and interfaces required to moderate unwanted content from your website. Check out details here contact us for a demo.

June 2018

  • API Clients PHP Client: Allows you to easily take advantage of Clarifai's functionality in your PHP applications. Check out our documentation for more information.

  • Platform Android SDK: The Android SDK enables machine learning directly on your device, bypassing the traditional requirement of internet connectivity and extensive computing power. For more information check out our documentation.

November 2017

  • Distribution Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace: Clarifai has become a part of the AWS Marketplace. This means that you can access all of Clarifai's products, and receive one single integrated bill through AWS. For more information, read the press release.

October 2017

  • Models Landscape Quality Model: A new model that analyzes images and returns probability scores that can help determine the technical quality of a photograph.

  • Models Portrait Quality Model: A new model that analyzes images and returns probability scores that can help determine the technical quality of a Portrait photograph.

  • Models Textures and Patterns: A model that is designed to acquire and apply knowledge for recognizing textures/patterns in a two-dimensional image.

  • Platform Customized Visual Search: Visual Search (Search by Image) can now be trained at a more granular level, customized to only the images that are inside your app. This customization notably improves the quality of search. This feature is currently available to our Enterprise Tier customers only. Contact us to learn more!

September 2017

  • Platform Usage Dashboard: Displays real-time usage data, as well as historical usage data for your account. The real-time graphs represent the usage within the current monthly billing cycle. The historical data can be filtered by selecting different monthly billing cycles. To find your usage, log into your Clarifai account and then click on the "Usage" section.

August 2017

  • Models Face Embedding Model: The 'Face Embedding' model analyzes images and returns numerical vectors that represent each detected face in the image in a 1024-dimensional space. The vectors of visually similar faces will be close to each other in the 1024-dimensional space.

  • Platform Base Workflow: Allows you to build a custom trained model using the knowledge base from any of our public models (not just the General Model). This increases the accuracy of your custom model by building on top of a Clarifai model which has closer resemblance the to the model you wish to build. Our blog has more details on how it works, and learn how to take advantage of it.

July 2017

  • Platform Workflow Predict (Beta): Workflows encompass one or more Public or Custom models. You can make a predict operation on a Workflow endpoint which will return results from the multiple models connected to that workflow. Learn more about it in our Guide.

  • Models Moderation Model: A new model that analyzes an image and returns the confidence scores in regards to if gore, suggestive content, explicit content, or drugs are within the photo.

  • Platform Video Support in V2 (GA): We released Video support in V2 for public models! You can make predict calls with video inputs. Read more about it in our Guide.

  • Platform Mobile SDK (Limited Preview): We have released Clarifai’s Mobile SDK which enables machine learning directly on your device, bypassing the traditional requirement of internet connectivity and massive computing power. In order to gain access, please submit your information on the form on our Mobile SDK page. You will need a Clarifai Account to request access to the SDK.

June 2017

  • Platform Model Evaluation (Beta): We just added a Model Evaluation tool to our Custom Training! This feature will allow you to test the performance of your custom trained model before using it in the production environment. This tool is currently available on the Explorer only. Learn more about the model evaluation feature in our documentation guide!

  • Platform API Keys: developers can authorize their API calls through API Keys. These Keys contain finer level of scopes, which enables the developer to create a "predict-only" or "search-only" key, restricting unauthorized API calls, and making their application more secure. Keys can be accessed from Application details and more details are found in our Guide. We also wrote a blog to talk about why we introduced API Keys to our platform!

  • Platform Predict Parameters: we are enabling our developers to customize their predict requests to receive exactly what they require in the response. We have introduced 3 capabilities:

    • Maximum Concepts: allows users to customize the number of concepts they receive back in the response.
    • Minimum Value: allows users to specify the minimum prediction value of a concept to be shown in the response.
    • Select Concepts: allows users to specify exactly which concept they want to see in the response.
  • Details on how these features can be used can be found in our Guide.

May 2017

  • Platform Video Support in v2 API: released in private beta, developers can request access to the API that allows them to make predict calls on videos as the input.

April 2017

  • Platform Geo Location: allows developers to add location metadata (longitude, latitude) to inputs, and perform a search within a bounding geographic region. See our docs for full details.

  • Models Focus Model: launched a new model that analyzes an image and returns 1) the overall focus value (probability that there is an in-focus region within the image), and 2) a bounding box and focus density for every in-focus region within the image.

  • Models Demographics Model: launched a new model that analyzes images and returns information on age, gender, and multicultural appearance for each detected face based on facial characteristics.

  • Models Logo Model: launched a new model that analyzes images and returns probability scores on the likelihood that the media contains the logos of over 500 recognized brand names.

March 2017

  • Models Model Gallery: introduced a new gallery to showcase all of our visual recognition models. You’ll find information about each of our models, view code documentation, and try them out through our demo.

February 2017

  • Platform Multi-language Support in v2 API: all of the languages that were available in our v1 API are now available in our v2 API! We support 22 languages other than English for our Predict calls.

  • Models Face Detection Model: launched a new model that returns the probability that an image contains faces as well as bounding box location coordinates.

  • Models Apparel Model: this model understands various fashion and accessory items and is best for identifying clothing against a white backdrop like in your favorite e-commerce stores.

  • Models Celebrity Model: recognizes a wide assortment of famous people and public figures.

January 2017

  • Platform Custom Training (GA): finalized Custom Training and fixed any bugs that came up for testers.

  • Platform Visual Search (GA): finalized Visual Search and fixed any bugs that came up for testers.

December 2016

  • Platform Custom Metadata: allows developers to add any custom information (for example, price or SKU) to data inputs. This custom information is also fully searchable, just like your images!

November 2016

  • Platform Custom Training (Beta): allowed concepts to be added/removed from models, after a model is created; allowed models to be created without providing a list of concepts.

October 2016

  • Platform Custom Training (Alpha): allows developers to build a visual recognition model in a matter of seconds using only a handful of data examples. Developers can tailor our visual recognition technology for their specific needs, with a few clicks.
  • Platform Visual Search (Alpha): Visual Search lets developers easily perform search by tag, search by image, and search by a combination of images and tags.

September 2016

  • Models Food Model: you can start building incredible (and tasty) apps that recognize over a thousand types of food down to the ingredient level!

  • Platform Upgraded Demo: we launched a new demo to give people an easy and eye-pleasing way to test the tags on any image or video!

August 2016

July 2016

  • Models Travel Model: Our new Travel image recognition model automatically identifies travel-related concepts in pictures and video and can be used to build and improve apps in the travel, leisure, and hospitality industries.

  • Clients Javascript Client: we added a new official API client for Javascript! The new client works in both Node.js and the browser. You can require it by using npm or by using traditional script tags with the source hosted on our CDN.

May 2016

There were many awesome features that were added prior to May 2016 that haven’t been logged here.