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Hear from Clarifai executives and learn more about how AI is transforming enterprises. See session descriptions below.



Session 1

Reduce Data Labeling Time by 100x With AI Automation

The quality of training, validation, and test data have huge impacts on model performance. See how a fully integrated AI lifecycle platform that includes auto labeling and pre-trained machine learning models will save your organization time and quality of training data. With AI automation reduce data labeling time by 100x and the amount of training data needed by 10x.

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  • Learn more about:

    Al-assisted labeling tools

    Workforce management tools

    Auto-annotation workflows

    Active learning

  • headshot-matt-zeiler-ceo-clarifai

    Dr. Matt Zeiler
    CEO & Founder

Session 2

Optimize Data Efficiency by 10x with “Quick Training” Techniques

Companies with unlimited budgets can train models on millions of images, but most organizations are cost constrained. These organizations can benefit from data efficiency to ensure that they have a budget remaining for model deployment.

This session will focus on how Clarifai’s AI lifecycle platform can be used to maximize data efficiency by using a variety of flexible modeling techniques, AI-automated data labeling, and pre-trained models. 

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  • You'll learn:

    How “zero-shot” learning can be achieved using Clarifai's pre-trained General Model.

    How to use “quick training” to generate models with only a few samples of data.

    How to use AI-automation to speed model development by 100X.

  • headshot-michael-gormish-clarifai
    Dr. Michael Gormish
    Vice President, Research

Session 3

AI 101 for Developers - Learn the basics of AI model development.

While AI and its usefulness may still seem a little abstract, there's no denying it's here to stay. This simplified, comprehensive, instructional video offers a framework to ground you as you explore artificial intelligence and the multiple use cases available to solve your biggest business challenges. This talk is a great way for developers and non-technical professionals to start learning AI basics or get a comprehensive refresher.

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  • You’ll learn:

    What is classification?

    What is object detection?

    What is visual search?

  • jeff-toffoli-clarifai
    Jeff Toffoli
    Technical Marketing Lead

  • headshot-tony-stevens
    Tony Stevens
    Director, Solutions Engineering


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