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Provide superior levels of security, safety, and performance with face recognition APIs and solutions.


  • Access control

    Provide an added layer of security to personal devices, residences, vehicles and offices. Speed up entry to buildings, reduce theft-related costs, limit physical interaction and ensure a safe workplace while remaining unobtrusive. Our flexible solution easily implements with all system integrators and hardware vendors.

  • Two factor and three factor authentification

    Build customer trust by protecting sensitive information. Integrate face verification with card access, license plate reading, driver’s license matching and voice identification for new levels of security.


Privacy-enabled retail analytics

Implement more targeted advertising and marketing campaigns with better customer insights. Recognize and statistically track, categorize and analyze individual and aggregate customer behavioral characteristics.

  • Demographic and emotion analysis

    Create useful marketing data with real-time analysis through face recognition. Gain insights into shopping behaviors and store stay times. Analyze anonymous facial patterns age, gender, demographics to learn more about your customer demographics and emotion trends.

  • Loyalty and VIP reward programs

    Provide personalized experiences and offer better rewards to loyal customers with secure face verification. Recognize VIP shoppers the moment they walk into the store and alert personnel to their presence and past buying behaviors to empower them to offer better service.


Law enforcement surveillance

Gain community trust, enhance public safety and improve city management efficiency with face verification. Accelerate investigations by providing threat intelligence data and analytics in real time.

  • Person of interest identification

    Accelerate investigations with custom face verification. Quickly scan and filter millions of images and video footage for one-to-one analysis to identify potential suspects with accuracy and assurance.

  • Public safety responses

    Help find missing persons faster by analyzing real-time image, video and text data. Search faces against missing persons’ databases to identify and flag potential matches to speed up search and rescue operations.


  • Deliver better defense and intelligence outcomes

    With computer vision and award-winning visual recognition software,  detect and deter threats by providing intelligence data and analytics in real time.

    Prevent terror and violent crime

    Secure borders and immigration

    Control access to government facilities

    Identify homeland threats

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