Forrester New Wave computer vision platform report

The Forrester New WaveTM:
Computer Vision Platforms, Q4 2019

Forrester names Clarifai a leader among Computer Vision platforms

Forrester New Wave Computer Vision Report

Eleven computer vision providers were evaluated against 10 criteria to determine who leads the pack. Computer vision platforms were evaluated on their capabilities to develop and deploy computer vision models across multiple enterprise use cases.

Clarifai received a differentiated rating—the highest score possible. And was named a leader alongside the most significant providers in the category.

Leading the pack in:

  • Military-grade computer vision
  • Easy-to-use self service platform
  • High performing visual search

Read the full report and see why Clarifai is the right choice for your computer vision and face recognition needs.

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"A pioneer in deep learning-based computer vision, Clarifai can tackle near-real-time visual search, facial recognition use cases, and deployment in the most secure, air-gapped environments that nearly all other vendors can’t match."

- The Forrester New WaveTM: Computer Vision Platforms, Q4 2019