• People Detector Model

    Identify people in photo and video data. The people detector returns one class: "people" along with bounding boxes and probability scores.

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  • Information

    Model ID: f9769651481112def88fa29d26a1a4a0
    Model Name: People Detector
    Model Type ID: visual-detector
    Owner: Clarifai

  • Concepts:



You can call the Predict API with the "People" model. Simply pass in an image or video input with a publicly accessible URL or by uploading your images directly. 

Learn more about our Predict API.
API Guide


The Predict API returns a single concept (People) with corresponding probability scores on the likelihood that these concepts are contained within the text.


The returned ‘bounding_box’ values are the coordinates of the box outlining each face within the image. They are specified as float values between 0 and 1, relative to the image size; the top-left coordinate of the image is (0.0, 0.0), and the bottom-right of the image is (1.0, 1.0). If the original image size is (500 width, 333 height), then the box above corresponds to the box with top-left corner at (208 x, 83 y) and bottom-right corner at (175 x, 139 y). Note that if the image is rescaled (by the same amount in x and y), then box coordinates remain the same. To convert back to pixel values, multiply by the image size, width (for “left_col” and “right_col”) and height (for “top_row” and “bottom_row”).

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