• Subject Visual Segmenter

    Pixel-level accuracy for selecting objects in images. The Subject Visual Segmenter automatically selects the main subject of an image.

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  • Information

    Model ID: 6a3dc529acf3f720a629cdc8c6ad41a9

    Model Name: subject

    Model Type: visual-segmenter

    Model Type ID: embedding-classifier

    Owner: Clarifai

  • Concepts:




The Subject Visual Segmenter returns an object mask for the identified subject and non-subject in an image, as well as the percentage of pixels of the image that the concept has.

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The Room Type Model is an "embedding-classifier" which means that you will need to insert the model into a workflow and feed it embeddings from an embedding model for it to work. We recommend that you start with the embeddings from our general model.

Learn more about making Mesh Workflow predictions in our API Guide.

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