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Revolutionize brick and mortar retail with computer vision

Gain an edge over competitors by building customer loyalty. Whether you want to understand what attracts people to your storefront or create a personalized in-store experience for special customers, Clarifai has the technology to help you.

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Optimize planograms

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Reduce shrinkage

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Enhance loyalty programs

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Reduce checkout
wait times 

Computer vision solutions to improve the customer experience
and drive revenue

Reduce checkout wait times 

Let customers opt-in to using face recognition for cashier-less checkout. Make the process painless for them by allowing them to walk by a camera and pay–no wallet necessary.

Enhance loyalty programs

Keep your customers happy and improve the overall shopping experience that keeps them coming back. With face recognition gain insights into your customers' shopping behaviors. Identify your most valued customers and provide personalized customer service.

Reduce shrinkage and product loss

Monitor real-time security camera footage using our people detection model to automatically recognize suspicious behavior. Search back in time for unwanted behavior and set-up automated rules for real-time events involving theft.

Optimize planograms

Learn how consumers flow through your store with Clarifai's physical monitoring solution. Gain understanding of your customer foot traffic and dwell times, so you can curate your store to enhance the customer experience and drive sales.


A Retail Product Leader’s Guide:
How to Drive Revenue with Computer Vision AI

Learn how three retailers are using computer vision AI to streamline business operations and improve the customer experience.

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Demographics Model

Gain a deeper understanding of who your customers are and their buying patterns. Tailor promotions or personalize their shopping experience to delight and drive repeat business.

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Custom Model Services

Do you have a business problem that you think computer vision can help you solve? The sky is the limit with our AI solutions. We can help you build custom models for any project.

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Face Detection Model

See how customers are moving through your store. Detect faces and customer sentiment  to gain insights into what people are doing. Dive into your demographics to optimize product mix.

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Forrester researchicon-quotation-marks-greyClarifai has had a large, positive impact on our business. We appreciate the variety of models available and the support for building custom models.
The Forrester New WaveTM: Computer Vision Platforms, Q4 2019

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