Redefine Federal Law Enforcement with Computer Vision and AI

    Assess situations quicker and respond faster with the appropriate resources.

Anticipate events and improve response times
with Computer Vision and AI

  • Expedite suspect apprehension

    With real-time visual search, quickly filter and verify suspects at scale to accelerate case processing from hours to minutes.

  • Assess natural disaster situations

    Build classification models to quickly categorize areas of concern (e.g. fire, flood, damage levels, survivors) to understand levels of impact necessary for accurate prioritization.

  • Protect individual privacy

    Redact objects, places, or faces from public view for GDPR compliance, and to address citizen privacy concerns to bolster AI adoption.

  • Enhance public safety

    Build detection models to proactively alert and track anything of interest (e.g. people, weapons, crowds, vehicles). Deploy on cameras at the edge or existing VMS platforms. 


Military-grade platform. Deployment-agnostic software.

Seamlessly integrate our software in any environment, including smart devices, environments with low-computational power and limited or no internet access with zero lag-time.

  • Cloud API

    Integrate with any commercial cloud including AWS, Azure, C2S and GCP.

  • On-premise and air-gapped

    Gain complete control of your data stored in your facilities, including air-gapped environments.

  • Edge or IoT

    Process software locally on hardware devices and gain real-time insight with zero lag-time.

The Forrester New WaveTM: Computer Vision Platforms 

Read why Clarifai received a differentiated rating—the highest score possible and was named a leader alongside the most significant providers in the category.

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  • A pioneer in deep learning-based computer vision, Clarifai can tackle near-real-time visual search, facial recognition use cases, and deployment in the most secure, air-gapped environments that nearly all other vendors can’t match."

    The Forrester New WaveTM: Computer Vision Platforms, Q4 2019

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