Transform claims and underwriting processes with AI

    Reduce the time and cost for managing claims processing and underwriting with Computer Vision and NLP

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Computer vision coupled with geo-spacial analytics simplifies property assessment, risk analysis, post damage assessment and employee safety. Using Clarifai’s image recognition, reduce the time and cost for assessing and underwriting claims. Ultimately improving the collaboration between agents and customers for a better customer experience.

  • Vehicle damage assessment

    Use computer vision to recognize and analyze the extent and location of damage to a vehicle to determine the correct insurance claims amount. Reduce the time it takes for customers to receive their payouts and avoids claims leakage, saving insurers money.

  • Identify commercial and residential property features

    Use computer vision and satellite imagery to detect presence of pools, trampolines, flood lines and upgrades that affect property values. Identify and classify roof types, parking lots and facades and signage. Better manage risk and for personal and commercial businesses applying for reinsurance. 

  • Mitigate underwriting risk

    Analyze text from applications, social media, online news sites, medical and police records to locate any red flags that would impact the final claim evaluation. Evaluate data as a whole to observe trends and spot individual and group fraud.

  • Aerial analysis for natural disaster damage

    Manage risk and reduce costs using computer vision to aid in processing damage assessment. Use aerial imagery and geospatial applications to assess property damage throughout the evacuated areas. Identify homes that have been completely destroyed or even partially damaged. Prevent fraudulent claims of damaged property from weather-related events.

  • Improve voice of customer

    Use NLP to recognize the intent within text data to respond to questions from customers. Improve customer service and provide better buying experiences. Take into account various forms of language that relate to various topics.  Identify multiple sentiments and events within one customer service call.

Why Clarifai

The value a combined Computer Vision and NLP platform brings to insurers


  • Reduced claim settlement time

    Validate claims in real-time and expedite claim settlements often after the First Notice of Loss.

  • Lowered cost per claim

    Reduce contact center costs, time spent in the field and customer churn.

  • Improved appraisal accuracy

    Reference masses of historical data to deliver accurate appraisals and calculate insurance premiums.

  • Faster claims processing

    Validate and process claims faster than ever without the need for staff augmentation.

  • Reduction in fraudulent claims

    Use facial and image recognition, video geolocation and time stamps to reduce risk.

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

    Make the claims review process faster and reduce claim approval wait times.

The Forrester New WaveTM: Computer Vision Platforms 

Read why Clarifai received a differentiated rating—the highest score possible—and was named a leader alongside the most significant providers in the category.

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Endless possibilities with Computer Vision and AI

Gather valuable business insights from images, data and text using machine learning, image recognition and computer vision.

  • Ready-to-use Models
  • General

    Recognize over 11,000 different concepts including objects, landscapes, themes and more.

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  • Text embedding

    Assign tags or concepts to analyze text based on its content. Build models for topic and sentiment analysis and smart reply.

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  • Text moderation

    Detect toxic, racist, obscene or threatening language or build your own custom moderation model.

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  • Face detection

    Detect the location of faces within images and video with bounding boxes.

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  • Face embedding

    Analyze images and returns numerical vectors that represent each detected face in the image in a 1024-dimensional space.

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  • Demographics

    Predict the age, gender or cultural appearances of faces.

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  • Food

    Recognize more than 1,000 food items in images down to the ingredient level.

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  • Celebrity

    Detect if images contain the face(s) of over 10,000 recognized celebrities

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  • Color

    Identify the dominant colors present in your images in hex or W3C form.

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  • Apparel detection

    Detect items of clothing or fashion-related items.

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  • Textures and patterns

    Recognize textures and patterns in a two-dimensional image e.g., feathers, woodgrain, petrified wood, glacial ice and overarching descriptive concepts (veined, metallic).

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  • Not safe for work

    Identify different levels of nudity in your visual data. Ideal for moderating and filtering offensive content from your platform.

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  • Travel

    Recognize specific features of residential, hotel, and travel-related properties.

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  • Wedding

    Recognize over 400 concepts related to weddings including bride, groom, flowers and more.

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  • General embedding

    Analyze images and returns numerical vectors that represent each detected face in the image in a 1024-dimensional space computed by our General model.

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  • Image moderation

    Identify unwanted content such as gore, drugs, explicit nudity or suggestive nudity.

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  • Custom

    Create your own model and teach it with your own images and concepts.

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  • Model gallery

    Explore our pre-built, ready-to-use image recognition models to suit your specific needs.

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