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Personalize services and increase revenue per customer with computer vision and machine learning 

Improving the travel experience helps maintain repeat visitors. Using computer vision and natural language processing, gain guest insights and make data-supported decisions to drive business growth and revenue. From guest demographics to identifying your biggest clients, computer vision provides hospitality strategists the tools to personalize guest experiences and drive repeat business.

Need help data labeling. Let Clarifai experts handle it for you.

When it comes to annotating images for deep learning, our Data Labeling team can manage the job for you. Data annotation can be extremely complex and time consuming, but our dedicated team can help you scale quickly.

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Face recognition services

Our opt-in, GDPR-compliant face recognition technology ensures data security around identifiable information and allows companies to enhance the guest experience and monitor employee access.

  • Employee access control

    Enhance security efforts to ensure that employees are in their designated areas to maintain their safety.

  • Automated check-in

    Expedite the check-in process and even enable automatic purchases without needing to swipe a card.

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  • Loyalty programs

    Recognize VIP clients immediately and provide white glove service to maintain customer loyalty.

Explore our ready-to-use, pre-trained models

  • Ready-to-use Models
  • People detector

    Detect people in image and video data.

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  • Vehicle detector

    Detect vehicles in image and video data.

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  • People and vehicle detector

    Detect vehicles and people in image and video data.

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  • General

    Recognize over 11,000 different concepts including objects, themes, moods and more.

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  • General embedding

    Analyze images and returns numerical vectors that represent each detected face in the image in a 1024-dimensional space computed by our General model.

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  • Demographics

    Predict the age, gender or cultural appearances of faces.

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  • Text moderation

    Detect toxic, obscene, racist or threatening language, or train your own custom moderation models.

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  • Text embedding

    Assign tags or any custom concept to analyze text based on its contents. Build accurate models for topic and sentiment analysis and smart reply.

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  • Face detection

    Detect the location of faces with bounding boxes.

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  • Celebrity

    Identify celebrities that closely resemble detected faces.

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  • Apparel detection

    Detect items of clothing or fashion-related items

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  • Face embedding

    Analyze images and return numerical vectors that represent each detected face in the image in a 1024-dimensional space.

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  • Food

    Recognize more than 1,000 food items in images down to the ingredient level.

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  • Color

    Identify the dominant colors present in your images in hex or W3C form.

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  • Textures and patterns

    Recognize textures and patterns in a two-dimensional image e.g., feathers, woodgrain, petrified wood, glacial ice and overarching descriptive concepts (veined, metallic).

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  • Not safe for work

    Identify different levels of nudity in your visual data. Ideal for moderating and filtering offensive content from your platform.

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  • Travel

    Recognize specific features of residential, hotel, and travel-related properties.

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  • Wedding

    Recognize over 400 concepts related to weddings including bride, groom, flowers, and more.

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  • Image moderation

    Identify unwanted content such as gore, drugs, explicit nudity or suggestive nudity.

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  • Custom

    Create your own model and teach it with your own images and concepts.

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  • Model gallery

    Explore our pre-built, ready-to-use image recognition models to suit your specific needs.

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