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Maximize subscription lifetime value with Computer Vision AI

Keep customers streaming your content by using Computer Vision to encode, organize and distribute data to the right audiences. 


Categorize content



Viewer preferences

Let viewers find your content

Automatically tag thousands of concepts and process videos 100 times faster than humans. Reduce operational costs by leveraging computer vision to analyze images, video and text to accurately tag concepts and organize your video assets.

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Improve Discoverability

Automatically tag video content with Predict in over 20 languages, including literal and abstract concepts. Increase productivity with uniform naming structures by uploading standard video formats to receive a time series analysis with appropriate metadata. 

Viewer insights to improve streaming experience

Recognize patterns in user preference and return accurate related content to maintain viewer attention.

Viewer Recommendations

Analyze video footage to detect patterns in viewer streaming preferences. Using our Search solutions, build a recommendation system that learns customer preferences and proposes similar concepts to maintain viewer engagement. 

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forrester-RGB_logoicon-quotation-marks-greyClarifai has had a large, positive impact on our business. We appreciate the variety of models available and the support for building custom models.
- The Forrester New WaveTM: Computer Vision Platforms, Q4 2019

Explore our ready-to-use model gallery

Start uploading your own images and and videos to see how our self-service models work for streaming service providers

General Model

Recognizes over 11,000 concepts that streaming service providers can use to automatically tag content including objects, themes and moods. 

Check out our General Model →

Celebrity Model

Identify actors within your media with our celebrity recognition model to enhance the viewer experience and personalize recommendations.

Check out our Celebrity Model →


Maintain brand integrity by flagging explicit content such as violence, nudity, drug use and more. Alert viewers and protect audiences with our pre-built model.

Check out our Moderation model →

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