• Content Moderation

    Filter out harmful image, video, text and audio content and sustain brand safety using AI.

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Screen content 100x faster with AI-automated content moderation. 

Whether you’re looking to filter out NSFW images, screen for copy infringement, or flag profane videos, Clarifai’s automated content moderation solutions filter out unwanted content 100x faster than human moderators and with greater accuracy.


Reduction in time spent to post user generated content


Faster than human moderators with AI-automation


Reduction in manual work using AI driven moderation

Use Cases

Automated content moderation solutions with human-level accuracy.


  • Brand safety

    Categorize your content using popular taxonomies like GARM. Recognize images or videos containing illegal or banned content. Detect toxic, obscene, racist, or threatening language. Flag adult and explicit sexual content.  Identify illegal drugs, crime and violence. Safeguard your brand with AI that works across all your content.

  • Find off-brand or poor quality content for advertising

    Monitor advertising spots for brand integrity using brand safety floor taxonomies like GARM. Easily identify content that poses a threat to your brand. Screen for harmful or low quality  content in images, videos, audio clips, logo and more.

  • Filter profanity and toxic sentiment speech in text posts 

    Review text content faster with AI. Monitor  product or service reviews, customer chat logs, and social media posts to identify and remove content that could impact your brand and offend your customers.



  • Moderate embedded text in images

    Computer vision models alone cannot provide the full picture without analyzing the text within those images. Combining computer vision to classify images, OCR to extract image text, and NLP for text classification, you can reduce the risk of posting toxic, offensive, and suggestive content.

Solution Brief

Screen images 100x faster with AI-automated content moderation.

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Enterprise companies turn to Clarifai’s content moderation solutions to solve challenging use cases.

  • OpenTable

    Improving content moderation by 16x faster than human moderators.

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  • 9Gag

    Protecting 150M user community from inappropriate content.

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  • Social Media Company

    Protecting children using AI content moderation.

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