How Computer Vision is changing the Food and Beverage Hospitality Industry

June 4, 2020 • 3:00 PM EST

Create safe and reliable environments for your customers

How much do you really understand about how computer vision and AI can help solve your business challenges. Join Food and Beverage Solutions Specialist, Sanwal Yousef and see how you can create safe and reliable environments for your customers.

Learn more about:

  • Face Mask Detection
  • Customer Spacing
  • Customer and Employee Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Consumer Sentiment
  • Threat Detection

About Sanwal


Sanwal Yousaf works as a Support Engineer at Clarifai. He is the first line support for Clarifai users. His work at Clarifai spans product and technical support, marketing as well as creating documentation for our ever-growing  line of offerings and products.