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response = stub.PostModelOutputs(
print("Predicted concepts:")
for concept in response.outputs[0].data.concepts:
    print( + " " + str(concept.value))
MultiOutputResponse response = stub.postModelOutputs(
const request = new service.PostModelOutputsRequest();
    new resources.Input()
            new resources.Data()
                    new resources.Image()
[$response, $status] = $client->PostModelOutputs(
new PostModelOutputsRequest([
'model_id' => 'aaa03c23b3724a16a56b629203edc62c',
'inputs' => [
new Input([
'data' => new Data([
'image' => new Image([
'url' => ''
var GeneralModelId = "aaa03c23b3724a16a56b629203edc62c"
response, err := client.PostModelOutputs(
ModelId: GeneralModelId,
Inputs: []*api.Input{
Data: &api.Data{
Image: &api.Image{
Url: "",
const GENERAL_MODEL_ID: &str = "aaa03c23b3724a16a56b629203edc62c";

let request = service::PostModelOutputsRequest {
model_id: GENERAL_MODEL_ID.to_string(),
inputs: RepeatedField::from(vec![resources::Input {
data: SingularPtrField::some(resources::Data {
image: SingularPtrField::some(resources::Image {
url: "".to_string(),
string GENERAL_MODEL_ID = "aaa03c23b3724a16a56b629203edc62c";

PostModelOutputsRequest request;

Input* input = request.add_inputs();
Data* data = input->mutable_data();
Image* image = data->mutable_image();

MultiOutputResponse response;
grpc::Status status = stub->PostModelOutputs(context.get(), request, &response);

if (!status.ok()) {
cout << "Failure: " << status.error_code() << " " << status.error_message() << endl;

if (response.status().code() != status::StatusCode::SUCCESS) {
cout << "Error response: " << response.status().code() << " " << response.status().description() << " " << response.status().details() << endl;

Data response_data = response.outputs(0).data();
cout << "Predicted concepts:" << endl;
for (int i = 0; i < response_data.concepts_size(); i++) {
const Concept& c = response_data.concepts(i);
cout << "\t" << << ": " << c.value() << endl;
var response = client.PostModelOutputs(
new PostModelOutputsRequest()
ModelId = "aaa03c23b3724a16a56b629203edc62c",
Inputs =
new List<Input>()
new Input()
Data = new Data()
Image = new Image()
Url = ""
let response = try client.postModelOutputs(
Clarifai_Api_PostModelOutputsRequest.with {
$0.modelID = "aaa03c23b3724a16a56b629203edc62c";
$0.inputs = [
Clarifai_Api_Input.with {
$ = Clarifai_Api_Data.with {
$0.image = Clarifai_Api_Image.with {
$0.url = ""

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