Image and Video Recognition API

Powerful, secure, and affordable visual recognition API for developers and businesses

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Easiest Setup

Get up and running in seconds with three lines of code and a clean & simple API.

Fastest Response

Recognize thousands of concepts with human accuracy or better in near real-time.

Best Value

Scale with reliable infrastructure and affordable, developer-friendly pricing.

Deliver better content

Curate and publish engaging content for your audience by automatically tagging and organizing your images and videos and making them searchable.

Protect your business

Moderate and filter unwanted content from your site, online marketplace, or user-generated content with efficient and accurate media monitoring.

Reach more customers

Make products more discoverable on your e-commerce site or platform through cognitive image search, related products, and visual recommendations.

Gain brand insights

Augment intelligence from your marketing technology stack and gain actionable insights with image-based social media listening and analytics.

Advanced machine learning technology, easy-to-use visual recognition API

Clarifai's core visual recognition model recognizes over 11,000 objects, scenes, events, and emotions with human accuracy or better.

Plug & Play API

Get started in three lines of code with every client you ever need to easily build an app - Python, NodeJS, Java, Go, Ruby, Haskell, and R.

Quick & Efficient Processing

Gain insights about your content at lightning speed - our model returns image recognition results with confidence levels and probabilities in less than 300ms.

Secure & Scalable

Trust our technology to scale with your business. We support volumes in the billions using a REST API platform with AWS infrastructure.

Multi-Language Support

Recognize objects, emotions, and themes in twenty languages, including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and more.

Customize & Train Data

Personalize our image recognition technology to understand concepts unique to your business, like your logo, products, or proprietary images.

The world's most innovative companies use Clarifai's image recognition API

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  • Using Clarifai’s visual recognition API solution, we’re now able to collect and analyze 10x as many images as we did using manual tagging. Clarifai scales with us as we grow, so the returns will be even higher in the future.

    Tait Larson - media company
  • Clarifai differentiates itself by providing image recognition tools and solutions that businesses and healthcare specialists can use right now, not in ten years. With Clarifai built into our product, we’re achieving 99% accuracy with our visual diagnostic tool!

    Dr. Laurent Schmoll - i-NSide medical imaging
  • Clarifai's image recognition API helps increase the chances for people to sell their photos by surfacing the right image to the right buyer at the right time. Clarifai is now the absolute core of Foap’s tagging mechanism, making images findable in the Foap marketplace.

    David Los - FOAP stock photography marketplace
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