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Zero-shot Object Detection

Zero-shot object detection (ZSD) is the task of object detection where no labeled training data is available

Clarifai Release 8.4

Clarifai 8.4 with new models for caption generation, printed OCR, grammar correction, and logo detection.

Machine Learning Image Recognition Automated Visual Inspection

How to calculate the ROI of Automated Visual Inspection

Your visual inspection ROI calculation will depend on the nature of your use case and the benefit that you ...

Clarifai Release 8.3

Clarifai 8.3 has 3 more NLP models for financial text classification and summarization. 

Retail Solutions: AI Solutions for Smart Shelves

Smart shelves are the practice of using modern technology such as displays, wireless connectivity, inventory ...

Clarifai Release 8.2

The Clarifai platform 8.2 includes even more incredible NLP models for text processing, generation, ...

AI Solutions for Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance

Car accidents are an often inevitable and awful part of life, but AI can help.

Clarifai Release 8.1

The Clarifai platform 8.1 includes a number of incredible NLP models for text processing, generation, ...

Visual Search AI for Smart Product Discovery

The way online shoppers look for products online is changing. Visual search, which is based on images rather ...

Differentiable Bayesian Structure Learning

Learn about Bayesian Networks, probabilistic graphical models and their joint distributions.

Product Releases

Clarifai Release 8.0

The Clarifai platform has now been updated to Release 8.0! We've added some incredible models for both image ...

Get to know the technology behind edge AI

What if you could automatically monitor video streams in real-time without an internet connection?