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Computer Vision Face Detection Models

New Demographics Workflow for Age, Race and Gender Classification

To reduce the risk of race bias in our own models, we have constructed a new approach to visual recognition of


Clarifai Release 6.7

Data scientists are often tempted to build their solutions from the ground up from low-level frameworks. But ex

Releases Annotations

Labeler is Live!

Clarifai's new labeling solution allows enterprises to label data at scale. You can get results faster and more


Clarifai Release 6.6

Clarifai is proud to introduce version 6.6 of our platform, and the official public release of Labeler. Labeler


Clarifai Release 6.5

Introducing Clarifai Release 6.5, which includes a ton of upgrades to the way that search is handled in our API

Case Study Computer Vision News Custom Training

Adventa quickly adapts to COVID-19 use case with Clarifai

Adventa was able to quickly adapt to a critical new use case by using Clarifai for computer vision AI: Detectin