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We can help you transform your image, video, text, and audio data into actionable insights. Our AI platform is easy-to-use and seamlessly integrated with the tools needed to label datasets, train, deploy, and optimize your AI applications. We help organizations worldwide build AI solutions to deliver better business outcomes.

  • Brand safety and content moderation
  • Digital asset management
  • Intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance
  • Product organization, recommendation and visual search
  • Visual inspection for manufacturing and production

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The world’s best teams build with Clarifai

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“Clarifai provides an end-to-end platform with the easiest to use UI and API in the market. They’ve accelerated our AI development at scale allowing 1,000's of workers to label data and train 100,000's of AI models with significantly less development effort and expedited go-to-market.”

Sr. Director of Catalog OperationsE-commerce Unicorn

“We evaluated the trillion dollar companies and a few niche retail players for our customer facing visual search use case. Clarifai was much easier to use than the trillion dollar companies, and their AI significantly outperformed both the niche players and the big guys in accuracy while having inference speeds 7x faster. The performance and the flexibility of the Clarifai platform has our executives exploring numerous other use cases to be powered by the Clarifai platform.”

Director of Product ManagementFortune 500 Retailer

“A pioneer in deep learning-based computer vision, Clarifai can tackle near-real-time visual search, facial recognition use cases, and deployment in the most secure, air-gapped environments that nearly all other vendors can’t match."


"Clarifai is a true leader in AI applications for DAM and serves our users by improving the searchability and discoverability of their content. Today, Widen users gain the ability to search by image, which is a game-changer during time-sensitive projects. By saving countless hours for users, this partnership with Clarifai improves the Widen experience and delivers true ROI for our customers."

Jamie LiechtyWiden

"My organization has worked with Clarifai for almost three years, close to a daily basis, and the engagements and collaboration are top notch. The Clarifai platform and capabilities can be adapted, trained, integrated and deployed to a variety of problem sets with stellar performance. We chose Clarifai over Microsoft, Google, AWS and IBM because of their production functionality and performance, product vision and their strong consulting partnership."

Head of CatalogFortune 500 Company

"The team was a pleasure to work with. We had a highly dynamic (some would say chaotic) deployment schedule, but the Clarifai team did their best to be malleable to our needs. They were professional, engaging and collaborative. Through constant interaction with us, they iterated on their solution and developed novel approaches to our problem."

Head of TechOpsGlobal 2000 Airline