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    Visual Search

    Provide better product recommendations with visual similarity search.

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Use Visual Search to boost profits and personalize customer experiences.


Increase in customer revenue through product personalization


Faster checkout times using visual search than text-based


Of online shopping sales come from product recommendations

What is visual search?

Visual search allows people to find what they are looking for without needing the words to describe it.

Search is at the heart of modern E-commerce. Ranking search results, personalizing product recommendations, and improving product discovery are critical to driving revenue. AI allows you to better capture insights from your images, video, and text and leverage that data to improve the customer experience.

  • Product recommendations 

    Maintain customer engagement in situations where an item is out of stock. Suggest similar relevant product suggestions to reduce bounce rates, increase basket size and drive sales.

  • Product similarity search

    Make it easier for customers to find products they want by searching by image or photo instead of keywords. With visual search and computer vision connect customers with similar products to increase their likelihood to purchase and increase cross-selling.

  • Shop the look 

    Drive basket size by using  computer vision and AI to help shoppers find similar products that they may not even be searching for. Help people complete the look of a room, fashion outfit, and more. Cater to their unique preferences throughout the buyer journey without knowing product descriptions. 


  • Snap and search

    Sometimes shoppers love a style, but they don’t know how to describe it in a keyword search. Connect customers to exactly what they're looking for by using a photo taken from their mobile phone, matching the photo to a product catalog, and helping them order matched products on the spot.

Help customers find products faster and personalize experiences with an AI-driven visual search engine.

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Benefits of visual search

Computer vision and AI allows you to better capture insights from your images, video, and text and then leverage that data to improve the customer experience.

  • Shorten the path from search to conversion.

    Improve the customer experience with better product recommendations.

  • Drive cart size by suggesting hyper-personalized related products.

    Reduce bounce rates by delivering faster, more relevant search results.

Why Clarifai

Best-in-class deep learning platform to gain insights into your image, video, text content.

Spacetime Search makes your unstructured data searchable. Our patented technology uses AI to automatically index your unstructured image, video, and text data for deep search.

Enterprise companies turn to Clarifai’s Computer Vision and AI technology to increase efficiency and return an impact.


  • Fortune 50 Retailer

    Improving the customer experience with Snap and Search.

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  • Home Goods Retailer

    Connecting customers to the products that match their style.

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  • Medical Diagnostic Company

    Using AI on mobile devices for disease diagnosis.

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  • Real Estate Marketplace

    Improving search results of user generated images.

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  • AutosnapLive

    Providing enhanced automative images using computer vision modeling.

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