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Enlight delivers the tools you need to create and update AI in the enterprise.

Save valuable time and resources with the Enlight API and user-friendly tools that make it easy for your business to develop custom AI applications. Our advanced knowledge transfer algorithms and neural network architecture ensure highly accurate and performant results—even if you have no background in machine learning and minimal training data.


  • Pre-built, pre-optimized, and already trained with millions of expertly labeled inputs. Clarifai Models deliver AI that is ready to use out-of-the box.
    Enlight quick train is the fastest way to build custom AI. Transfer the learnings from a Clarifai model or your own deep trained model to a new custom model.
    Enlight DeepTrain lets you maximize model performance by training your own custom embedding from the ground-up.
    Import your own 3rd party models into the Clarifai platform for maximum flexibility.

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    Clarifai provides training and tutorials to help you get started building your solution.

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The fastest time-to-accuracy with Enlight evaluation tools.

Take the guesswork out of evaluating the performance of your custom models. We automate the testing and validation process by generating random subsets of your training data to use as test data and then performing a “5-split cross validation”.

  • Ensure that you have supplied enough of the right example images.


  • Evaluate and showcase all the versions of the model you have trained.


  • Predict against your own designs and test performance before using in a production environment.

  • Adjust thresholds for recall and precision rates to optimize for accuracy.

  • Take action

    Enlight can help you train models to analyze data streams so you can respond to the real world faster. Identify safety issues on a factory floor, or a forest fire in a remote location. Manage inventory, and keep store shelves stocked. Trigger events and notifications, so that your situational awareness and response time is better than has ever been possible before.

  • Automate tasks

    Enlight can train models that scan millions of data points, much faster than a human ever could. Automate business processes such as moderating social media and user generated content (UGC) or automatically label and organize your training data sets.

  • Simplify data search

    Unstructured data is difficult to search, organize, classify and understand. Enlight can train models that help you focus in on the "concepts" that you care most about within your data. Instead of having to review millions of images and videos yourself, you can run this data through your models and get classified, labeled and easily consumable in return.

  • Analyze your operations

    Enlight can help create models that isolate patterns in your business systems and processes. You can count how many people are visiting a new business location based on a promotion you've just run, or learn how a product is trending in social media over time. Enlight makes it possible track and analyze business performance.


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