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AI for Military, Civilian, Intelligence,
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Transform and leverage your unstructured data into decision
advantage using Computer Vision, Large Language Models, and Generative AI
Top secret facility clearance and cleared personnel

Accelerating AI readiness for government

Already trusted by JSOC, NGA, and DHS, Clarifai empowers organizations to
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GenAI for Government

Deploy Large Language Models, LLM fine tuning, prompt engineering, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Defense and Military AI Solutions

Rapidly turn mountains of data into plans of action for decision advantage to support the warfighter and the supply chain.

Intelligence AI Solutions

Enable intelligence agencies to quickly collect and organize data for effective analysis creating actionable intelligence.

State and Local AI Solutions

Empower agencies to more effectively and efficiently serve and protect their citizens.

Civilian AI Solutions

Empower Federal agencies to more effectively and efficiently serve and protect the public.

AI Tools for Success

Build secure and trustworthy mission-critical AI applications, while staying compliant.

A full stack AI platform to achieve
mission-capable AI quickly 

From imagery of aircraft interiors to locations of rivets, or from aerial images to sizes
of ground motor vehicles, Clarifai is ready to support any mission.

Computer Vision and LLM AI Lifecycle Platform

The developer platform for any deep learning use case

Chat with your data

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) enables users to interact conversationally with their own data, using NLP to pull relevant information from datasets. RAG is a two-step process: first, it retrieves documents that are likely to contain the answers, then it generates responses based on the retrieved documents. This creates a chatbot that delivers personalized responses with zero hallucinations.

Facial Recognition

Clarifai's Facial Recognition technology allows for the accurate identification and analysis of human faces. This technology is versatile, aiding in applications such as security, user authentication, and user experience enhancement by quickly and precisely interpreting facial features. Whether it's automating access control or personalizing user interactions, Clarifai provides the tools to integrate facial recognition seamlessly into your applications.

Sentiment analysis

Textual Sentiment Analysis technology interprets and evaluates the emotions conveyed within a body of text. This sophisticated tool is instrumental in understanding user sentiments, allowing for enhanced customer interactions and feedback analysis. By transforming raw text into insightful data, it aids in refining product strategies, improving customer relations, and optimizing overall user experience, helping businesses to respond more effectively to their audience’s needs and preferences.

Speech synthesis 

Speech Synthesis transforms text into natural, lifelike speech, allowing developers to create applications that talk in a human-like voice. This advanced technology enhances user engagement by providing auditory interaction, making information more accessible and interaction more intuitive. Whether it’s for assistive technologies, entertainment, or customer service applications, Speech Synthesis brings versatility to voice-enabled experiences, enabling a more inclusive and interactive future.


Summarization distills lengthy texts down to their essential points, providing clear, concise summaries. This advanced tool is invaluable for quickly understanding and conveying key information from extensive documents or content, aiding in efficient knowledge acquisition and decision-making. Whether used for academic research, content creation, or business intelligence, our summarization technology enables users to save time and focus on what truly matters.

Text moderation

Text Moderation identifies and filters inappropriate or harmful text content, ensuring online spaces maintain a positive and safe environment for users. This technology is crucial for businesses and developers aiming to uphold community guidelines and standards across platforms, from social media to forums. By automating content moderation, it allows for a proactive approach to manage and mitigate risks associated with user-generated content.


Translation technology enables the conversion of text from one language to another with high accuracy, facilitating communication across language barriers. This solution is essential for developers looking to make their content accessible to a global audience, enhancing user understanding and interaction. Whether it’s for customer support, content creation, or multilingual platforms, our translation tools bridge linguistic gaps, fostering inclusivity and connection.

Visual moderation

Visual moderation empowers platforms to detect and filter out inappropriate or harmful visual content, creating a safer online environment. This solution is key for businesses and developers aiming to maintain a positive user experience on their platforms, ranging from social media to community forums. By leveraging image analysis, it proactively moderates content, helping to uphold community standards and protect user well-being.

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RAG for Government
A Gentle Introduction to RAG for the Intelligence Community
Explore RAG's impact on intelligence, enhancing LLMs with real-time data for accurate and nuanced analytics.
AI Lifecycle Platform for Government
AI Lifecycle Platform for Government
Accelerate all your AI development efforts safely and securely.
AI Lake: Consolidate, organize, and collaborate with your AI assets in one place
AI Lake: Consolidate, organize, and collaborate with your AI assets in one place
Consolidating and sharing AI with Clarifai's AI Lake
Clarifai has delivered eight years of AI leadership to the Department of Defense and Intelligence Agencies