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Everything you need to label, build and deploy AI models for unstructured data.

Clarifai is the leading deep learning AI platform for computer vision, natural language processing, and automatic speech recognition. We help enterprises and public sector agencies gain insights into their unstructured image, video, text, and audio data.

Our platform is powered by state-of-the-art machine learning and comes with the broadest repository of pre-trained AI models to search, sort, and organize unstructured  data and help companies build turnkey AI solutions. These models can be used out-of-the-box or fine-tuned  to detect explicit content, faces, embedded objects and text within images as well as predict various attributes such as celebrities, food items, textures, colors, and more. Portal is an intuitive, feature-rich user interface that makes building AI fast for all skill levels. We offer a free API for developers and data scientists to get started building the world's  AI.

Analyst Report

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide General-Purpose Computer Vision AI Software Platforms 2022

See why the IDC MarketScape named Clarifai a leader in computer vision AI software platforms.

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How it works

Clarifai Deep Learning AI Ecosystem





Cross-industry and industry specific application portfolio

Community Network

Platform foundations

Model building is supported by a data lake storage repository that holds a vast amount of raw data for model building and a knowledge graph that represents a collection of related objects, scenes and concepts. Clarifai supports a  developer community that continually drives AI model innovation and new use cases.

  • AI Lake

    Repeatable access to your organization's AI resources in one place: inputs, datasets, models, annotations,  workflows, and modules. 

  • Knowledge graph

    Discover, link, and combine models that use related concepts by using Clarifai's concept mapping tools.

AI Fabric

Flexible deployment options

Clarifai offers any combination of deployment options. The platform can be deployed on any cloud (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud), on bare-metal with air-gapped options, and on the edge.

  • Multi-cloud

  • Bare-metal

  • IoT + Mobile

Professional Services

Custom AI services to support your digital transformation

Clarifai offers professional service for custom and deep trained model building and data labeling. Our AI experts serve as an extension of your team and provide platform agnostic advice to help you deliver the results you need to advance your AI model development.


Technology integrations to solve broader use cases

Clarifai combines its capabilities with world class technology partners to enable organizations to solve a broader set of digital transformation challenges. Learn more about our partner community.

  • qualcomm
  • nvidia
  • partner-uipath
  • sap
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