Gear Up Your AI: Fine-Tuning LLMs

The Production AI Platform

Everything you need to build, test and deploy  Production AI

Store and search vectors and inputs. Auto-label data. Fine-tune models. Deploy and iterate. 

Clarifai is a unified, full lifecycle platform accelerating enterprise-grade production AI for the most demanding tasks.
  • AI Lake is the reference for all your AI assets.
  • Spacetime lets you search vectors and inputs. 
  • Enlight to fine-tune any open source or third-party model.
  • Armada immediately deploys your models at production scale.
  • Extend deploys your Streamlit UIs on top of Clarifai's Portal.


  • AI Lake: Organize, share, and reuse all your inputs, vector embeddings, datasets, annotations, models, workflows, and modules. One central place for teams to collaborate.
AI Lake
  • Spacetime Vectors and Search: Create, store, and search vector embeddings and inputs.
  • Scribe Automated Data Labeling: Automation-first labeling to label data faster and more accurately. 
  • Enlight Training and Evaluation: Easy, customizable UI for training and evaluating models and managing model versions over time.
Model Development
  • Armada: Auto-scaling model inference engine for production.
  • Mesh: Drag-and-drop workflows engine. 
  • Extend: Streamlit UIs for infinite tasks.
  • Collectors: Production data collection for continuous learning. 
Model Inference and Ops

Open, reusable building blocks for the full AI lifecycle

Clarifai’s fully integrated AI platform enables a diverse portfolio of machine learning products and services across industries that work seamlessly together to create AI at scale.

Data Labeling

Automate data labeling with Scribe

Automation-first flows for high-quality training data. 

  • Auto-label as you ingest 
  • Scale to labeling projects of any size
  • Labeling and reviewer UIs maximize quality and quantity of annotations

Data Management

Manage and search data with Spacetime 

Patented search and lifecycle management for inputs and vectors.

  • Vector similarity, keyword, and metadata search
  • Rank, filter, and sort your data by human annotations, AI predictions, metadata, and geo-location
  • Transform searches into datasets

Model Training

Train & evaluate models with Enlight

Train, evaluate, and manage AI models and model versions at scale.

  • Use prebuilt models from Clarifai, our community, or upload your own third party models
  • Train new models with only a few examples in seconds
  • Maximize model performance by training your own custom embedding


24/7 AI without DevOps with Armada

Scale compute to run your models at production quality cost-effectively.

  • Adds or removes replicas based on the number of messages and the capacity for each server instance
  • Optimized runtime to maximize GPU utilization of each model replica
  • Monitors in-flight requests to each model within the platform for timely processing

Model Workflow Engine

Easily process complex logic with Mesh

Drag-and-drop interfaces tie models and logical operators together and automate complex workflows. 

  • Express business logic as a computation graph of building blocks that runs as a single API call
  • Turn predictions made by your AI models into action triggers
  • Get highly optimized parallel processing of data and workflow nodes with no DevOps

Streamlit UI Modules

Build custom UI modules with Extend

Streamlit UI modules for popular ML tasks. 

  • Collaborate on reusable UI components across your organization or the broader AI community
  • Build UIs for colleagues to perform valuable tasks


Automated data collection 

Collect real-world prediction data from models using custom criteria.

  • Isolate data for analysis, labeling, and evaluation
  • Power continuous learning loops

Centralized and secure AI

Utilize foundation models to streamline the process of developing and deploying machine learning models. Efficiently organize, share, and reuse all your AI resources across your enterprise.

AI Lake

Accelerate AI adoption and reusability across the enterprise

Enable teams to collaborate more easily and efficiently while providing access control of all your AI models, annotations, datasets, workflows, and UIs.

  • Store and analyze massive volumes of data objects
  • Automatically index your data with AI
  • Track lineage and versioning of all your AI assets

Flexible deployment options

Clarifai offers any combination of deployment options. The platform can be deployed on any cloud (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud), on bare-metal with air-gapped options, and on the edge.
IoT + Mobile
IoT + Mobile

Deploy AI to edge devices with Flare

Take advantage of the complete Clarifai platform plus additional tools and features designed for edge deployments.

Deploy AI to edge devices with Flare

Operationalize a large number of custom AI models

Document question and answering
Document question answering

Answer questions based on customizable contexts.

Semantic search
Semantic search

Use AI to search inside your unstructured data.

Metadata generation
Metadata generation

Auto generate metadata from your unstructured data.

Face recognition
Face recognition

Use faces to identity people, authenticate, detect deepfakes, gauge emotion or demographics.

Content moderation
Content moderation

Take the human out of the content moderation loop.

Video security
Video security

Generous maternity, paternity and adoption leaves, as well as family medical care leave.

Visual inspection
Visual inspection

Receive a monthly stipend towards your cell phone bill.

Technology integrations to solve broader use cases

Clarifai combines its capabilities with world class technology partners to enable organizations to solve a broader set of digital transformation challenges.


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