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Improve digital asset management with AI auto-tagging

Improve content organization and search and discovery with computer vision AI

Integrate artificial intelligence into your existing digital asset management platform to automate asset tagging for images, videos, text and audio. Whether you’re using common categories or creating your own specific to your assets, AI makes it easy to create better content intelligence.

Automate content tagging with AI and pre-trained models

Whether managing 1000s or millions of digital assets, scale your operations quickly with AI and computer vision technology.  Get up and running quickly with pre-trained models, trained on millions of images to tag data with common concepts consistently at scale.


Create a custom taxonomy specific to your business

Need to implement a more advanced taxonomy? Build custom AI models using your data and our easy-to-use AI tools to apply keywords that are specific to your business needs.


Find similar assets faster with visual search technology

Avoid having to think of every keyword combination, and use image or text content to find related content that would be hard to find otherwise. You can easily identify duplicate assets and reduce expenses to acquire redundant content multiple times across the organization.


Prevent asset duplication and maintain data hygiene

Use AI to auto-tag assets with more consistent tagging and metadata. For data labeled by humans use AI to automatically check to make sure the tagging meets quality standards. Reducing data duplication significantly reduces your storage needs, saving money and speeding up searches.


Create rich metadata for all data types with easy-to-use AI tools

Whether you use a 3rd party DAM platform or have built your own, Clarifai integrates easily into it and can enrich all of your digital content no matter what the type—videos, documents, training calls, podcasts, images, and more.


Generate metadata 100x faster than manual efforts at 90% lower cost in 53 languages.

Maximize the value of your content by applying the full power of AI to your DAM


Tag assets 100x faster

AI automation is the key to scaling your content operations. Auto-tagging helps free up your teams; who otherwise would be manually tagging content. Using pre-trained models, assets can be tagged upon upload with recognizable values such as colors or people or use custom models to create asset specific tags.


Find content faster

Use AI to standardize how digital assets are categorized and tagged regardless of who creates them. AI creates more meaningful metadata—making searches deeper and files more findable. With improved asset tags and metadata, you can get a full view of your content inventory; making managing large volumes of data manageable.


Reduce tagging errors by 80%

Completing metadata values for every asset can be very time consuming and error-prone. Let AI auto tagging take the first pass to reduce the amount of manual work needed and make assets instantly searchable. Then your team can expand or adjust the metadata as needed.


Improve asset reuse

Don’t waste time and money repurchasing or recreating assets over and over because you can’t find what you’re looking for. Computer vision AI enables faster retrieval of related or similar content based on visual similarity. Combining textual metadata with visual context, content searches become more powerful and intelligent.


5 Reasons to Incorporate AI into your Digital Asset Management

Improve asset search and find-ability with visual search AI, automated asset tagging, and better content intelligence.


Auto-tag digital assets  quickly with
Clarifai's pre-trained AI models

Clarifai’s low code/no code tools make it easy to integrate AI into your DAM system and jump start your content organization.
Image recognition

Identify over 10,000 common concepts in images and videos including objects, themes, and more.

Optical character recognition

Automate the detection and extraction of text from an image file.

Text translation

Translate a text block in 5 different romance languages and output it into English.

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