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Automated Data Labeling

AI-Automated Data Labeling

Label, train and deploy your AI models in one integrated AI orchestration solution

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reduction in per label time
Improvement in productivity
decrease in time-to-market

AI begins with labeled datasets

AI is only as good as the data beneath it. To power effective AI strategies, data needs to be labeled effectively to understand the contents and surface or generate the right content. Many business needs and AI projects rely on unstructured data to drive desired outcomes, but most organizations lack the right resources, skills, and tools to label unstructured data and train, validate, and build high-quality models

Without intuitive data labeling solutions, the amount of overhead required to customize and train models drives costly, error-prone projects. As organizations look to AI to drive new business insights and power novel digital experiences, they need intuitive data labeling solutions to accelerate AI initiatives. 

Data labeling made easy

Accelerate time-to-market for AI

Reduce the cycle time for model annotation, training and deployment and accelerate time-to-market for AI applications.

Centralize AI development and data labeling at scale

Centralize all AI resources on a single, label, train, and deploy models all from a single end-to-end AI platform.

Empower AI and data teams

Customizable workflows, drag-and-drop UIs, and performance metrics that let teams collaborate effectively and accelerate output.

Improve data labeling productivity Automate and streamline data annotation Customize data labeling workflows

Speed up AI model development with AI-automated data labeling

Improve data labeling productivity

Use AI to boost the volume of data you label with your current workforce, measure progress and uphold high quality standards using workforce statistics and task reviews.

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Automate and streamline data annotation

Auto-annotated labeling assigns concepts automatically for faster dataset annotation with workflows to delegate tasks across teams of all sizes based on your unique needs.

Customize data labeling workflows

Drag and drop UIs makes it simple for the workforce to get more done, with APIs for flexibility importing and exporting datasets.

Why Clarifai Platform

Clarifai provides an end-to-end, full stack enterprise AI platform to build AI faster, leveraging today's modern AI technologies like cutting-edge Large Language Models (LLMs), Generative AI, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), data labeling, inference, and much more. 

Build & Deploy Faster

Quickly build, deploy, and share AI at scale. Standardize workflows and improve efficiency allowing teams to launch production AI in minutes.

Reduce Development Costs

Eliminate duplicate infrastructure and licensing costs around teams using siloed custom solutions, and standardize and centralize AI for easy access.

Oversight & Security

Ensure you are building AI responsibly with integrated security, guardrails, and role-based access on what data and IP is exposed and used with AI.

Scale your AI with confidence

Clarifai was built to simplify how developers and
teams create, share, and run AI at scale

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