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    Improving operational efficiency using AI-driven metadata generation

    How Acquia DAM (Widen) reduced manual metadata tagging of digital assets with AI.

  • Background

    Acquia DAM is a marketing technology company that manages content for over 700 customers. Its cloud-based software, the Acquia DAM, aggregates and automates content distribution. With over a 73-year track record of innovation and customer success, Acquia DAM services enterprise organizations with customers who include Dyson, New Balance, Crayola and Hootsuite.

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    Use Case

    Metadata Generation


    Digital Asset Management


    Acquia DAM



Metadata is the lifeblood of a digital asset management system. Tagging assets with keywords is critical to search-ability. However, it’s the most labor-intensive part of being a DAM administrator. As the volume of content scales, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the exact content that you are looking for. In order to scale their platform to manage the amounts of content being generated, Acquia DAM needed to explore ways to automate the metadata generation process.

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After considering other solutions such as Amazon Rek, Imagga and Cloudsight, Acquia DAM chose Clarifai. Clarifai’s platform offered AI automated metadata generation that sped the tagging process by 100x. To further support that Clarifai was the right choice was the fact that Forrester ranked Clarifai a leading computer vision platform alongside the biggest players in the industry. Acquia DAM was also impressed with Clarifai’s customer service reputation and quick response times. They believed that Clarifai’s versatile AI platform could scale in order to meet their future use case needs. Acquia DAM worked with Clarifai to train and build a custom AI model for metadata generation in order to improve their asset searchability for its large number of customers.

  • We’ve enjoyed working with Clarifai as a partner to explore options and best practices for our computer vision needs. Their straightforward and powerful API along with the advice and expertise of the Clarifai technical staff made them the clear choice."

    Chris Schroeder Head of Product


By using Clarifai’s automated metadata generation capabilities, Acquia DAM customers have saved a significant amount of time tagging assets. In addition, Acquia DAM customers can now easily find their assets based on visual attributes that could not previously be done via text searches. Untagged stock images were also made searchable with descriptive keywords. With the help of Clarifai, Acquia DAM can reduce the burden of manually tagging assets off of its administrators. Today, Acquia DAM's customers devote more time to focusing on enriching content for its customer channels.

  • Clarifai is a true leader in AI applications for DAM and serves our users by improving the searchability and discoverability of their content. Today, Acquia DAM users gain the ability to search by image, which is a game-changer during time-sensitive projects. By saving countless hours for users, this partnership with Clarifai improves the Acquia DAM experience and delivers true ROI for our customers."

    Jamie Liechty Partner Manager

Future Plans

As a result of Clarifai’s attentive service, responsiveness and AI expertise, Acquia DAM plans to use the Clarifai platform to improve other areas of the Acquia DAM Collective including: finding duplicate assets, low quality images, NSFW images and off brand images.  Additionally, there are plans to use the Clarifai platform for powering demographic and sentiment asset searches.

  • Clarifai helps add enough context to photos to make them immediately accessible until I can fully tag and categorize them. It also reduces the amount of time I spend tagging photographs, which is the most labor-intensive part of DAM administration. Image search-ability supports reuse, which reduces project costs across the organization.”

    John George Digital Asset Manager, Milestone

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