Establish an AI Operating Model and get out of prototype and into production


Make reusable web apps for any AI task

What are Modules ?

Modules are reusable web apps for builders and their audience. They allow users to extend Clarifai's APIs with new views, features,  widgets, or processing capabilities. Users can install modules or build their own using Streamlit combined with any Python library.

Build your own module

Ready to dive in and create your own modules? We'll set up a new github repo if you need one and you're off! 


Explore modules 

Find ready-to-use modules that visualize metrics, cluster data, and more making it easier than ever for anyone to interact with data and AI. Install with one click, no coding required!

Empowering Developers and Data Scientists

Developers are now afforded an opportunity to construct and refine AI applications — completely within the seamlessly integrated experience that Clarifai’s Modules offer.

Easily build custom UIs for your AI-powered tasks

Anything you can do with your inputs,  vectors, models, workflows,  Python libraries and Clarifai's full lifecycle APIs can be turned into a UI experience. Share them to your community.

Modules appear within the UI just like other resources in your AI Lake.. 

image 9-Oct-27-2023-02-57-53-2330-PM
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Seamlessly extend the Clarifai UI to support your custom tasks

Install pre-built modules for popular tasks, like custom model evaluation, model importing/exporting, model sharing, data visualization, and data analytics, with more regularly added. 

From local to production

Create and test modules easily from your local machine. Once you're satisfied with how they work,  provide a GitHub URL and create a new version that's fully hosted on the cloud without ever having to think about infrastructure.   


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Combine multiple modules to solve complex problems 

Configurable and compartmentalized, you can quickly add multiple modules to a single application to solve different parts of a bigger overall problem.   

Collaborate and share with colleagues and teammates

Just like other parts of your application, use the organizations and teams tools to control permissions or share your modules publicly with the world! 

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You can now use modules to extend Clarifai UIs 

Augment backend processing capabilities, and build customized solutions quickly and easily.
Make your AI reusable
Build once and reuse multiple times. Avoid redundant and duplicate efforts.
Encourage collaboration
Share your work in one place, control who can use it and who can work on it.
Build faster
Provide data scientists everything they need to build accurate models without the grunt work.
Auditable and reproducible AI
Improve the governance of your AI efforts by tracking their provenance and change history.

Clarifai: Your End-to-End AI Solution

Together with our patented AI platform, Clarifai provides a solution including data preparation, model development, and operationalization so you build and deploy models at scale.
Automated data labeling
Automated data labeling
Model Training
Model training & evaluation
AI workflows
AI workflows
Data search & management
Data search & management


Make reusable web apps
A new way to extend Clarifai’s UIs and perform customized backend processing
Introducing Our Game-Changing Modules Feature
Introducing modules, a new way to extend Clarifai’s UIs and perform customized backend processing.
Introduction to Clarifai
Let us take the first step towards learning about us and how Clarifai can help you ace the AI game!

Accelerate model building and
operationalization at scale.