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Achieve unprecedented speed, scale and flexibility with Edge AI

Flare offers a composable solution that lets you handle inference on the edge, and then sync up with our full platform to use additional tools.

  • Take advantage of edge-optimized model architectures that offer advanced predictive capabilities without taking up a ton of on-device memory.
    Monitor model performance and continuously improve models. Fully integrated edge and on-prem/cloud applications for Active Learning.
    Get up and running quickly with Clarifai’s continuously expanding repository of pre-trained models for the most valuable AI applications.
    Use Clarifai’s full end-to-end platform to label, search, and custom train models. Accelerate intelligent applications that span edge, on-prem and cloud.
    Choose from pure edge configurations, edge+cloud configurations, or "fog" computing configurations.
    Extend Clarifai’s composable workflows to the edge with complex on-device logic. Build on-device solutions for deep object analytics, object tracking and trend analysis.

Use AI and ML at the edge


  • Predictive maintenance

    Anticipate potential equipment failures before they occur. Identify equipment with the greatest risk of failing, extending the life of your assets.

  • Quality control

    Use computer vision and machine learning with cameras and Edge devices to pick up details and errors much more reliably than the human eye.

  • Site safety

    Identify when workers or vehicles are stray into hazardous, off-limit zones. Alert individuals of danger and automatically shut off machinery.

  • Aerial reconnaissance

    Use object detection to improve domain awareness for military perimeter surveillance, maritime compliance and border security and tracking.

  • Emergency response

    Create models to quickly classify and detect damaged areas (infrastructure and environment) to improve response times needed to deploy aid to people.

  • Retail shrinkage reduction

    Improve operations and customer experience by counting customers, generating heat maps, and calculating the length of cashier lines.

  • Expression & sentiment

    Understand emotional reactions, such as liking or disliking of various products shown on shelves of a shop, or levels of stress while using a service.

  • Autonomous vehicles

    Recognize vehicles, traffic signs, pedestrian, road, and objects locally, sending only information needed to perform autonomous driving to the main controller.

  • Fastest end-to-end

    Fully integrated one-stop shop for every step of the AI lifecycle to maximize value from all unstructured data. Integrate seamlessly with the full Clarifai platform, so that you can develop, deploy and optimize your solution efficiently.

  • Environment agnostic

    Deploy into any public, private or classified software and hardware environment: on any cloud, air-gapped bare-metal or at the edge. Take advantage of edge-optimized model architectures that offer advanced predictive capabilities without taking up a ton of on-device memory.

  • Eliminate internet limitations

    Run AI inference on-location, so there are no bottlenecks, delays, or service interruptions due to internet connectivity. Build ultra-efficient applications that do not experience delays while data is sent back and forth to remote data centers. Run Edge AI even without a persistent internet connection, or in completely air-gapped deployments.

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