Computer Vision Services

Clarifai provides deep learning AI models that provide human-like interpretation of video, image, text, and audio data.

Gain actionable insights faster from your unstructured data

Evaluate your visual and text data with greater accuracy and achieve faster time-to-value with Clarifai's award-winning computer vision technology. 

Image Recognition

Identify objects or people in images across a broad number of domains

Leverage Clarifai's suite of pre-trained models  to identify tens of thousands of concepts across your media. Detect the presence of logos, apparel, people, vehicles, weapons, uniforms, and hate symbols. On top of that, identify exact placement within a scene. Easily segment out foreground and background of imagery including roads, walls, floors, and more. Clarifai's content moderation models classify imagery as safe or unsafe. Build your own custom models to solve your unique business use case. Simply provide example training data and label the objects or people you want to recognize.

Video Content Analysis

Speed full motion video analysis with deep trained AI models

Clarifai's video analysis services allows you to apply image classification, detection, and segmentation models across video. Identify the presence tens of thousands of concepts across video data in near-realtime. Detect objects, vehicles, and people in videos. Assign unique IDs to objects of interest and track these across frames. Analyze content across various video sensor types, including RGB, EO/IR, Synthetic Aperture Radar, and WAMI.

ML-Enabled Optical Character Recognition

Turn handwritten, printed text, or text in images and video to actionable insights

Clarifai's OCR solutions provide more meaning insights and metadata from your content. Turn images of typed, handwritten, printed text, or text into machine-encoded text. Clarifai's Text Classification capabilities allow you to classify the information in a given field based on the content of that field. Network models together in a workflow graph and begin with one input type (images) and receive text as an output. Clarifai offers pre-trained specialized models for document understanding and barcode detection.

Image Labeling

Speed data labeling time 100x with AI-automation

Scribe Label provides a comprehensive suite of image and video labeling tools utilizing AI-automation. Label images quickly at varying levels of precision depending on use case requirements. Easily label entire images at once or image regions for Classification or Detection Models or use pixel-level precision for semantic segmentation. Clarifai's Quick-mask Tool can select objects at the pixel level – draw a bounding box around an object to have an image mask returned as a labeling suggestion. If you need help labeling to scale AI modeling projects faster, Clarifai offers Scribe LabelForce fully managed data labeling services.

Image Generation

Let Clarifai create synthetic images for your unique data needs

If you have unique and difficult to procure data needs, Clarifai can create synthetic images for you. We have worked with public sector and commercial clients to create synthetic datasets for multiple use cases. As part of our professional services offerings, these custom orders are scoped for your specific project needs. 



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