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Content Moderation

Automate Content Moderation and Protect Your Brand

Flag unsafe or explicit content across channels, monitor reviews, user-generated and recorded content by easily integrating AI into content moderation strategies.

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improvement in moderator productivity
reduction in hours spent moderating content
reduction in time spent to post user generated content

Don’t let manual content moderation impede your growth

User-generated content is a key part of expanding brand reach, but balancing user creativity and maintaining a safe, and healthy online environment is a growing challenge. Tracking activity across channels, creating and applying clear guidelines and brand policies, addressing moderation across different regions and languages, and factoring in cultural context makes it all the more difficult to protect brands and online communities.

AI offers new possibilities to automate key parts of the moderation process, not only social media for posts, but images and videos across channels, and only surface the most difficult decisions to moderators. However, most companies lack the resources needed to build AI workflows that scale. From natural language processing to visual search, organizations need out-of-the-box AI workflows and easy access to the right models to improve content moderation.

Content moderation that scales

Protect community spaces at scale

Automate content moderation and keep humans in the loop on questionable content

Protect brand integrity

Customize models to assess content for adherence to brand guidelines

Improve user engagement

Publish user-generated content faster and improve digital engagement strategies

Detect harmful content automatically Develop brand-specific content moderation Publish content faster

The AI technologies you need to protect your brand

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Detect harmful content automatically

Recognize banned, harmful, or disturbing behavior in images, videos, and audio using pre-trained models built with popular taxonomies like GARM.

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Develop brand-specific content moderation

Build custom-trained models to moderate content specific to your company, such as detecting brand guideline adherence and quality assurance.

Publish content faster

Use AI and automation to tag content faster and train models to detect and classify undesirable content 100x faster with 95% greater accuracy than humans can do on their own.

Why Clarifai Platform

Clarifai provides an end-to-end, full stack enterprise AI platform to build AI faster, leveraging today's modern AI technologies like cutting-edge Large Language Models (LLMs), Generative AI, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), data labeling, inference, and much more. 

Build & Deploy Faster

Quickly build, deploy, and share AI at scale. Standardize workflows and improve efficiency allowing teams to launch production AI in minutes.

Reduce Development Costs

Eliminate duplicate infrastructure and licensing costs around teams using siloed custom solutions, and standardize and centralize AI for easy access.

Oversight & Security

Ensure you are building AI responsibly with integrated security, guardrails, and role-based access on what data and IP is exposed and used with AI.

Scale your AI with confidence

Clarifai was built to simplify how developers and
teams create, share, and run AI at scale

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Accelerate data labeling 100X
Conten moderation
Automate content moderation and keep moderators focused

Build your next AI app, test and tune popular LLMs models, and much more.