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AI In Manufacturing 

Improve operational efficiency and protect employees

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Computer vision and Gen AI for smarter manufacturing

Optimize operations quickly and efficiently by knowing what needs attention. By using data from cameras and other edge devices, you can better manage capital assets, improve processes and systems, monitor employee safety and improve security.
Generative AI

Accelerate data labeling

Leverage the latest Large Language Models (LLMs) to easily automate data labelling, while keeping the human in the loop. Get accurately labelled data sets, generated faster than ever.

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Retrieval-Augmented Generation

Optimize Production Efficiency

Deploy Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to access critical information swiftly, aiding decision-making processes, troubleshooting, and innovation.

Edge AI

Keep employees safe

Analyze plant images and video against previous accident records to predict where future accidents may occur. Spot fatigued workers or people standing too close to running machine or employees without PPE. Recognize safety hazards such as spills, blocked fire exits, and unattended security posts.

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Anomaly Detection

Enhance quality control

Use computer vision and machine learning with cameras and Edge devices to pick up details and errors much more reliably than the human eye. When integrated with a cloud-based data processing framework, errors are instantly flagged and the response is automatically coordinated.

Face Recognition

Improve security

Use computer vision and video cameras to improve security checkpoints using face recognition technology. Verify employee identity to improve safety and security by ensuring personnel are in approved and designated areas.

Face Recognition
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Edge AI

Avoid downtime

Identify equipment with the greatest risk of failing, allowing maintenance teams to respond accordingly. Proactively predict maintenance and repair cycles and replace parts proactively and extend the life of your assets.

Solution Brief
AI for Smart Manufacturing: Solve complex manufacturing use cases with computer vision and generative AI.
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