AI-Automated Data Labeling Platform

    Label, train and deploy your AI models in one integrated tool.

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    80% reduction in per label time

    Use AI to dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to label inputs.

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    100X improvement in productivity

    Boost the volume of data you label with your current workforce.

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    50% decrease in time-to-market

    Reduce the cycle time for model annotation, training and deployment.

Complete data labeling projects 100x faster with AI-automation

Scribe Label creates high-quality training data for building powerful models. With AI automation, unstructured images, video, and text data can be labeled faster and more accurately.


Speed up AI model development with AI-automated data labeling


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    Divide tasks and conquer

    Delegate data annotation tasks across teams of all sizes based on your unique needs.

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    Secure document annotation

    Process documents faster using a secure annotation platform for document-based data.

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    Intuitive UIs and APIs

    Drag and drop UIs makes it simple for workers to get more done. Easy APIs for flexibility importing and exporting datasets.

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    Auto-annotated labeling assigns concepts automatically for faster dataset annotation.

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    Customizable workflows

    Assemble graphs of models into endless combinations to power auto-annotation, active learning and more.

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    Active learning

    Continuously improve your production models by auto-annotating high-confidence data or sending data to your annotation queue.

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    Workforce statistics

    Measure progress and uphold high quality standards using workforce statistics and task reviews.

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    One integrated platform 

    Label, train, and deploy on  a single, end-to-end AI platform. Getting started is easy!


The Definitive Guide to Automated Data Labeling

Everything you need to know before investing in a data labeling platform.

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  • Categorize images and videos into categories. Important for classification models.
    Classify documents into pre-defined categories.
    Draw and annotate bounding boxes around objects of interest. Important for object detection models.
    Plot points on each vertex of a target object. This annotation method allows all object shapes to be annotated.
    Annotate objects across video frames.
    Identify and extract structured text from documents with the option to add bounding boxes.

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Learn more about our fully managed data labeling services

Outsource your data labeling tasks—images, video and documents—to a team of specialized data annotators and researchers. We can quickly, accurately and securely label the training data you need to validate and tune your models. 

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    Take a programmatic approach to data labeling. Stop manual data labeling and save time and costs. 

    Increase productivity by 100x 

    Reduce per label time by 80%

    Use one integrated tool to label, train and deploy your models

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