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    AI in Retail

    Leverage Artificial Intelligence to improve the customer experience across the shopping journey.

Artificial intelligence in retail is integrating the online and offline shopping experiences.

With computer vision and NLP leverage your video, text and image data to create intelligent stores. With AI data insights be alerted to emerging trends that human analysis would miss. Using AI gain insights into customer-employee interactions, improve the shopping experience and boost profits by creating multichannel experiences.


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Use Cases

  • Optimize planograms to drive product sales

    Learn how consumers flow through your store. Gain an understanding of customer foot traffic and dwell times in order to merchandise your store more effectively to drive sales.

  • Discover customer insights with AI-driven social listening

    Monitor social media channels for mentions of your brands, competitors, products and keywords related to your business using NLP. Measure customer sentiment and conduct audience research. Track, analyze and respond to conversations about your brand on social media.

    Learn more about Natural Language Processing

  • Integrate the offline and online experience with visual search

    Make it easier for customers to find products they want by searching by image or photo instead of keywords. With visual search and computer vision connect customers with similar products to increase their likelihood to purchase and increase cross-selling.

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Redefine the retail experience with computer vision AI.

Take advantage of real-time video and image data to create intelligent stores.

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