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AI in Retail 

Improve the entire customer experience

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Artificial intelligence is driving new retail strategies and integrating the online and offline shopping experiences

Utilize generative AI, including computer vision and NLP, to make the most of your video, text, and image data and drive your retail strategy. Employ generative AI to gain deep insights into customer-employee interactions, elevate the shopping experience, and drive profitability by crafting seamless multi-channel experiences
Generative AI

Unlock retail innovation with generative AI

Revolutionize product recommendations, tailor shopping experiences, and streamline inventory management. Minimize operational inefficiencies and costs, paving the way for all-new retail strategies and deeper forms of customer engagement.

Generative AI

Explore LLMs without vendor lock-in

There are many LLMs out there, and you may be still exploring. With Clarifai you can utilize cutting-edge LLMs for personalized customer interactions, product descriptions, inventory categorization, and promotional content creation – without the constraints of sticking to a single provider.

Generative Content

Personalize marketing with generative content creation

Utilize generative AI to craft personalized marketing materials, from emails to social media posts, tailored to individual customer preferences and behaviors. Increase engagement and conversion rates by delivering content that resonates with your audience.

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Data Patterns
Data Patterns

Turn planograms into sales

Unlock the secrets of shopper journeys in your store. Master customer foot traffic patterns and engagement hot spots in order to merchandise your store more effectively and drive sales.

Social Listening

Discover customer insights with AI

Monitor social media channels for mentions of your brands, competitors, products and keywords related to your business using NLP. Measure customer sentiment and conduct audience research. Track, analyze, and respond to conversations about your brand on social media.

Social Listening
Visual Search
Visual Search

Integrate the offline and online experience

Make it easier for customers to find products they want by searching by image or photo instead of keywords. With visual search and computer vision connect customers with similar products to increase their likelihood to purchase and increase cross-selling.

The Ultimate Guide to Retail AI:
Use AI to differentiate your retail strategy and increase profits.

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