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AI in Transportation 

Reduce operating costs and optimize UX

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Enhance travel with AI-powered personalization and insights

Leverage Generative AI, Computer Vision (CV), and Natural Language Processing (NLP)  to analyze and interpret data from images, videos, text, and audio, offering a deeper understanding of traveler preferences and behaviors. This advanced approach allows for highly personalized experiences and operational improvements, maximizing customer lifetime value.
Generative AI

Innovate with Generative AI

Integrate generative AI across operations—from enhancing passenger experiences with personalized services to route optimization to improving maintenance protocols and safety measures.

Innovate with Generative AI

Use LLMs with no vendor lock-in

Experiment with a range of state-of-the-art LLMs – without having to retool for each model.


Personalize Travel Experiences

Use generative AI to analyze passenger preferences and offer personalized services, entertainment options, meal choices, and travel recommendations. Enhance passenger satisfaction and loyalty by making each journey uniquely tailored to individual needs.

Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition

Speed up check-in and employee verification

Use facial recognition at the check-in counter to reduce passenger wait times and allocate crews to more valuable activities. Also, verify employee identification at security checkpoints to ensure personnel are in approved and designated areas.

Predictive Maintenance

Pre-empt issues and Improve safety

Use tablets or other devices to capture current views of engines, physical wear, or damage. Inspect and detect where maintenance is needed for repairs or defective part replacements, and spot possible malfunction issues proactively.

Predictive Maintenance
Object Detection
Object Detection

Reduce lost baggage

Manage baggage more efficiently and accurately from the moment a passenger checks-in to when it arrives at the destination. Count and capture bags as they are loaded on the aircraft. Use object detection to provide insight into how much luggage is loaded.

Use Computer Vision to Improve Visual Inspection: Leverage Computer Vision to detect and classify equipment anomalies faster and with greater accuracy,  maximizing equipment uptime.

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