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    Capture data about the physical world through images. Our APIs support the most common formats (JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, WEBP, NITF). Responses fire in 50-500ms intervals, depending on complexity.

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    Process video 100x faster than a human ever could. Our APIs operate on video clips in standard formats (MP4, AVI, GIF, MOV, WMV and 3GPP). Outputs are encoded as a time series for easy analysis.

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    Categorize, sort and search documents at scale. Use NLP to analyze text for topics, sentiment and moderate for inappropriate content. We'll help you unlock the meaning behind text data.

With multiple prediction types, Armada Predict helps you gain insights from your image, video, and text data.


  • Classification

    Categorize large quantities of unstructured image, video, and textual data faster than has ever been possible before. Classify objects, faces, people, sentiment, and more with state of the art AI. Leverage a suite of pre-trained models or train a custom classification model to suit your needs.

    Explore pre-built classification models in Clarifai Community

  • Customized classification

    Solve your unique business problem with custom models. Simply provide some example training data and label the objects or people you want to recognize. You’ll have an AI model that can predict exactly what you want in seconds.

    Learn more about Enlight Train →

  • Facial recognition

    Recognize who is in your images and videos and predict specific known identities. Get started in minutes using our advanced pre-trained facial recognition models.

    Learn more about facial recognition

  • Model operators

    Creatively network, route, and connect machine learning models with model operators. Examples include random sampling to filter down data stream, image cropping to select a region from an image and concept thresholding. 

  • Multilingual classification

    Predictions can be made in over 53 different languages to support your global enterprise.


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Python Node Java cURL
response = stub.PostModelOutputs(
print("Predicted concepts:")
for concept in response.outputs[0].data.concepts:
    print(concept.name + " " + str(concept.value))

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    Models get smarter and more accurate as data flows into our API

    Fast responses enable real-time applications

    Output auto-scales to any incoming bandwidth


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