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    Fully managed data annotation services for creating high-quality training datasets.

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Scale your AI initiatives quickly with high-quality, human-annotated data

We believe that high quality data is the most important factor in building effective deep learning models. When it comes to data labeling, we offer something that few others in AI can—Experience. Outsource your data labeling tasks to a team of seasoned AI data annotators and researchers. We combine cutting edge AI technology with labeling automation to deliver you the highest quality training datasets you need for your most complex use cases.


  • Data collection

    Easily upload your data in the format of your choice into the Clarifai Platform to begin the process. 

  • Expert workforce

    We allocate the right team based upon their area of expertise to complete your project.

  • Quality assurance

    Multiple quality gates to test our progress against data samples to ensure quality before completing the full training dataset.

  • Production 

    We’ll deliver your data in your specified format to continue your dataset training inside or outside the Clarifai platform.


Our pricing scales with you as your business grows

Commit to a monthly volume and receive a significant discount beyond standard volume discounts.

  First 500,000 annotations 500,000+ annotations
Visual Classification $0.08 per image or frame and $0.08 per annotation Volume discounts
Bounding Boxes $0.08 per image or frame and $0.08 per annotation Volume discounts
Text $0.08 per document and $0.08 per annotation Volume discounts


Take advantage of our full data labeling capabilities

Our platform combines human intelligence at scale with AI and automation to annotate all types of unstructured data. We'll prepare your data based upon the most important variables and visual features and then apply the best labeling types.

  • Categorize images, video and text into one category out of many. Important for classification models.
    Categorize images, video and text into multiple categories. Important for classification models.
    Draw and annotate bounding boxes around objects of interest. Important for object detection models.
    Plot points on each vertex of a target object. This annotation method allows all object shapes to be annotated.
    Annotate objects across video frames. Important to build ground truth video datasets for object detection and tracking in a sequence of frames.

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    Label, train, and deploy your AI models in one integrated tool.

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    We're committed to delivering you the highest quality data training sets

    Our highly experienced data annotators use our industry leading platform purposely-built with our automated, AI-assisted labeling tool. We will quickly and accurately label your unstructured data no matter what the project size to deliver the quality training datasets you need to build reliable models.

  • AI-assisted labeling

    Secure project management

    Quality assurance reviews

    Flexible pricing

    Highly experienced, trained annotators

    Scaleability for any project size

Learn more about Clarifai Labeler

Increase productivity and model accuracy with AI-powered data labeling, seamlessly integrated into our platform.

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  • Partner with us for your data labeling needs.

    Free up your data scientists' and researchers' time. Take advantage of our fully managed data labeling service and expert annotators. Contact us to discuss your labeling needs.

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