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  • spacetime

    AI-Powered Search Engine

    Search for people, places, objects, and topics in your unstructured data.

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  • spacetime

Spacetime Search fuses AI and search together to make your unstructured data searchable.

Clarifai's patented technology uses AI to automatically index your unstructured data for deep search. Concepts identified by our Armada Predict technology can be used as search terms. Even search with images to find similar images.

  • Product discovery and recommendations

    Help customers "find more like this" and increase conversion.

  • Visual search

    Discover similar images based on visual characteristics.

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  • Digital asset management

    Augment media with metadata to improve search.

  • Snap and search

    Let customers snap a photo to search your catalog.

Mix and match search criteria for powerful results.

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    Order your search results with the intuitive insights of AI. Your model can identify concepts in your data and rank your search results by how confident it is that a given concept is present. You can even rank search results by how similar one input is to another input.

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    Trim down the amount of data returned in search. For example, you may only want to see inputs that one of your collaborators has labeled with the word “dog”. Or perhaps you want only those inputs that were captured in a certain geographical region.

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    Combine multiple search parameters. For example, you can find all the inputs within a geographical region with a "weapon" in them, or all annotations assigned to user "Joe", or visually similar product images that are assigned the word "XL" in metadata.

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  • Rank by predictions

    Discover and retrieve the most relevant images from your dataset by searching for the concepts identified by your AI models. Patented technology developed by Clarifai gives you the ability to search for predictions immediately after training—no waiting on re-indexing. Build recommendation systems with rapid retraining cycles for active learning on the fly.

  • Rank by similarity search

    Go beyond simple keyword searches. Draw a direct line from the source of an idea (an image, video, or block of text), to the information you need. No guessing keywords required. Similarly Spacetime Search can be combined with detection models so that you can search for a specific thing a region of an image. You can even use an image to find a specific frame within a video clip.

  • Filter by geo-location

    Combine visual search with location-awareness to organize your data by place. Include latitude and longitude information when you upload your data, and then filter to find all inputs within a given radius. Or even define a region on the map and limit your results to the inputs within that region.

  • Filter by metadata

    Attach additional information to your inputs as you upload them to the Clarifai platform. Add product IDs, user IDs, or any other relevant information needed to drive specific business outcomes. Metadata is indexed so that the result is filtered down and then ranked according to the ranking criteria you provide.

  • Filter by annotations

    Annotations are the human-labeled concepts on your inputs. Typically part of your "training" dataset, these inputs are indexed alongside model predictions and similarity search information. Collaboration tools make it easy to track annotations done by different team members.

  • Filter by annotation information

    Provide additional information about annotation sets. For example, you might label a “training split”, a “golden set”, or “data export 73”. Export your data and use annotations for any complex application logic. Include contextual information in the form of generic JSON blobs.

  • Negate search criteria

    Find all data that is NOT similar to a given input. For example, you can search for all the inputs NOT annotated “dog”. Even combine negated search terms for more advanced tasks.

  • Search autocomplete

    Work quickly and intuitively.  We tell you possible search terms. Autocomplete suggests custom concepts and concepts predicted by the AI models in your default workflow. See autocomplete in action in Clarifai Portal.

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curl JS py Java ObjC
curl -X POST \
-H "Authorization: Key YOUR_API_KEY" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '
"query": {
"ands": [
"output": {
"data": {
"concepts": [
"name": "people"

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