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    AI for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

    Use Edge AI to accelerate speed-to-mission for ISR operations.

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Speed time-to-mission with Edge AI.

  • Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) functions are principal elements of U.S. defense capabilities, and include a wide variety of systems for acquiring and processing information needed by national security decision makers and military commanders. ISR systems range in size from hand-held devices to satellites. ISR systems collect and process insights from unstructured data. These insights are used to support lighting fast information transfer for making quick decisions in the field.

How Computer Vision, Machine Intelligence and Edge AI support ISR.

Together they address the need to turn around insights from downstream sources without the need to send the information to a command center for collection and processing. AI automation speeds video footage review by 100x which reduces the amount of analysts needed and shortens the time to get actionable insights for quick decision making in the field. Computer Vision and AI platforms play a key role in ISR for their ability to classify, detect, and track objects in images and video.

  • Speed video review times 100x with AI automation.

    Reduce human oversight and potential errors in video footage review and other incoming data.

    Exploit intelligence information faster to make better life saving decisions.

  • Support ISR military projects faster by leveraging spatial, high altitude, aerial and terrestrial data real time.

    Make field decisions quicker by implementing Computer Vision into ISR infrastructure to gain insights and make predictions in near real time.

    Stay ahead of changing field conditions even after the project is launched by using active learning and make your models smarter over time.

Use Cases

Use Edge AI to anticipate change, mitigate risk and shape outcomes.

Computer Vision and Edge AI are used to support military, homeland defense, disaster relief and humanitarian assistance projects.

  • Military defense

    Uncover insights from mountains of unstructured images, text, and full motion video data to support ISR military projects for making faster field decisions.

  • Pattern analysis

    Analyze surveillance data through aerial, multi-spectral and geospatial infrastructure to uncover suspicious behavior, sentiment and object threats.

  • Emergency response

    Create models to quickly classify and detect damaged areas (infrastructure and environment) to improve response times needed to deploy aid to people.

  • Aerial surveillance

    Use object detection to improve domain awareness for military perimeter surveillance, maritime compliance and border security and tracking.

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    Forrester New WaveTM: Computer Vision Platforms

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    Integrate with any commercial cloud including AWS, Azure, C2S, and GCP.

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